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  1. 14 pound walleye. Best is 12 pounds 14 ounces that I got in December of this year.
  2. I fished Friday and got skunked and then Saturday got 2. We were fishing from the Keiths to Prinyers on the south shore. Our 2 fish came on firetiger up high in 90-100 fow.
  3. tknohpy


    under armour make some good ones available at bass pro...liner gloves i think they are called
  4. My dog heads for thre bathtub and hides behind the shower curtain!
  5. trolling spinners in spring summer along weedlines for walleye and deep water trolling with boards in the fall
  6. I run it on Android and love it
  7. Bigugli had a ton of jigs for sale
  8. Went to the swap today, busy place! Got a few of BigUgli's harnesses and an Eyecon rod for 80 bucks. Lots of stuff to look at!
  9. I have never had any problems with Fishing World, one of my favourite stores actually.
  10. Kuha was that show in Milton at the Hardball?
  11. Looks like an epic day Prince. I will be out on Thursday with PB&J and am hoping for the same!
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