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  1. On this board, saying anything other than "Way to go Lew!" will pretty much do it. Jim PS - you can substitute Lew with Wayne, Terry, Big Cliff, etc. etc.
  2. Any farm that tries to raise their cows on ice deserved to lose then if you ask me. Now, if they grew rye on ice, with ginger ale and a shot of Club Soda, that would be clever, but cows on ice....were they trying to make ice cream? Farmers don't feed cities, corporations do. This picture goes to prove that farmers feed streams. Jim
  3. A few too many rivets for my liking, but hey, if it floats your boat... Well done and congratulations to you!!!! Jim
  4. Okay....you can only cast in one direction with each cast. So if we think about it like the numbers on a clock and you are in the middle of the clock, you have the other eleven numbers to cast at. So, no - you are not right to be pissed (hey dude, you asked). Alright, I'm pulling your chain a bit but we do all have to share. My brother-in-law is like that. When everyone else is anchored and jigging (in one of those spots that I mentioned) he goes trolling around and through everyone. One time I got my lure stuck on a guy's anchor rope while in the back of his boat. I freaked, cut my line and said "get me the **** out of here!". It is one of the reasons that I bought my own boat and fish alone if I have to rather than going in someone's boat that pulls stunts like that. And I hate guys that pimp spots. I also hate guys that pull in front of you and anchor when you are working a drift. Jim
  5. There are spots on Rice where everybody goes, and spots on Doe where everybody goes. How do you know that you didn't camp right on the spot that this guy fishes every outing? Honestly, how do you know? Jim
  6. Ribs? Do ya just crunch thru 'em or what?
  7. How do you clean your crappie Cliff? I have never kept them (a walleye and perch type mostly) but do like to catch to eat, so I am thinking of giving them a go. I have looked on the interweb and it seems rather straight forward (no radial bone by the looks of it), but there are 10 different ways of cleaning walleye and perch (on the net) and half of them leave in bones that I cut out. So I am wondering if you (or anyone) could post a link for the best boneless way to fillet a crappie. Thanks! Jim
  8. Okay, so you both used Rapalas, where are the fish? Jim
  9. removed due to an influx of common sense.
  10. My wedding tackle. Has been since before I was born, and has yet to let me down. Jim
  11. That was a great deal and the people I had turned onto it would have bid more than he was asking, and driven up there to pick it up today! I have forwarded the other 14'er with the 15 hp out of the classifieds. Hopefully it will suit their needs. Jim
  12. Where did the thread on the Lund with the 9.9 for sale go (by fisndevil)? I have checked the classifieds and can't find it. Jim
  13. Well, it will seem a little cheap now, but I have always use worms on Simcoe. A pickerel rig does well. or drop shotting with two hooks on the line. Glad to hear you had a great day! I love that damn lake and can't wait to get back on it. Jim
  14. Look at her, walking inside of the pylons! What a turkey. Jim
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