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  1. i guess the ones that you want to participate in are acceptable
  2. funny how u let some political threads slide. dont mention a pontoon boat though
  3. the joy comes from fishing. if entitled want to get upset over your legal fishing thats their problem.
  4. change the title "Scamming your grocery store"
  5. where are the Stoco skis this time of year? the water level is low, and weeds are dying if not dead already.
  6. if youre planning to throw double 10s save up for a tranx or Toro Beast none of those reels you'll be happy throwing double 10s with
  7. Not if you're Muslim, Asian, Mexican, Black, disabled, an immigrant, a POW, or a woman
  8. what happened to the "just a few bad apples" ? sounds like the majority are corrupt, and not fit to be in uniform cant say that im surprised https://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2012/05/30/rookie_cop_takes_heat_for_arresting_offduty_officer.html
  9. https://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2016/07/28/const-james-forcillo-sammy-yatim-shooting-sentence.html
  10. they wont consider your post on OFC take the time to fill out the survey online http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/health-system-systeme-sante/consultations/legalization-marijuana-legalisation/index-eng.php
  11. you mean Barrie cops like this? If this wasn't caught on camera, he would've got off easy. and the other "good" Barrie cops would help cover it up or look the other way. Cops never speak out on other cops, its against the brotherhood.
  12. Well they are in the wrong profession if they cant deal with some attitude They are a hazard to the public they supposedly serve JP is exercising his legal rights...while i wouldn't try that, as it would get me killed in the US, it is his legal right and it is against the law for a cop to violate them So many of you say "just do as your told, and obey the law"...well if the cops obey the laws, and rights of the people many of these situations could be avoided
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