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  1. Thanks Akrisonet, it is a great price but too much motor for me and I want to stay with a 12V as I don’t really have room for another battery.
  2. Pikeslayer - No, there was no noise, it just seemed to stop, and then start aagain a couple of times then quit Smokercrafty - Thanks, I’ll check the breaker and check the voltage when I’m back up on the weekend, don’t have a tester at the cottage
  3. Pulled the head off and everything looks fine, likewise the wiring in the pedal
  4. Thanks I’ll do that, I figure it must be something internal
  5. I have a Motorguide Pro series 46 bow mount TM that has worked trouble free until today. I had been using it for about an hour when it acted up - it stopped running for a few seconds, then started again with a bit of a jerk, then ran for a few minutes, stopped, started a few times then just stopped for good. When I got back I checked what I could, battery is fine, all connections I can see seem fine, it just won’t run. Any suggestion on a next step? Does anyone know a repair shop I could take it to for a diagnosis? I live in Guelph but my cottage is just north of Orillia.
  6. When I passed it there were a couple of cars as well as the SUV and a police vehicle there. I went by thinking "Must have a flat or a minor fender bender" then a couple of minutes down the road realized "Hey, the boat was headed the wrong way"
  7. I am trolling in about 11-14 feet tight to weed beds so I use a 1/4 oz. keel sinker in front of a 3 foot harness. I find the keel sinkers get through the weeds better.
  8. Wayne, we have never met and I have never even shared a post with you before, but I followed every inch of the journey that you posted on here. Every time I logged in and saw that your post had new messages on it, I held my breath when I opened it to hopefully read that you were sharing good news for your and your family. Often you were, and then would come news of a setback that you Leah and Jen seemed to handle time and again with incredible courage and optimism. I don't think I have ever been as affected by reading of the highs and lows of the struggles of someone else as I was with yours and I applaud your family and your courage for allowing us to travel this road with you and gain some little insight into a truly remarkable young lady.
  9. Two weeks ago, just started on our trip back from the Perth area, pulled out of the gravel road from the cabin and onto the paved road into Perth in my friends Suburban (which I was driving because of his DL situation) and we felt a vibration. I looked at my friend and he asked if I still had it in 4x4 and I said no. Just as he said to pull over, I saw smoke coming from the trailer tire and then it just shredded into pieces. My first thought was "Oh no, knowing how ill-prepared my friend normally is, he probably has no jack or tire iron (he did). Looked in the mirror and a tow truck had pulled in right behind us. Two great young guys, they changed the tire at n/c (made them take money for lunch and a beer) in 15 minutes and we were back on our way. When we saw they had a CAA sticker, my friend said he would call it in and then they would get paid by CAA, but apparently they were out ouf their territory and couldn't do a CAA call. Moral of the story is, sometimes the fates are watching out for you, whether you deserve it or not.
  10. I am someone who has looked forward to reading your adventures every time I see you have posted another epic, in no small part because I dream that one day I can experience just one of these trips. Am I jealous? Sure. Am I resentful? Not one bit. It is obvious from the way you write, and the videos that show your unabashed joy with what you are doing, that you love to share your experiences with other anglers. Also I have seen many reports of fly-in trips by others on this board where they mention the advice and assistance you have offered (free of charge) so that they can have a great experience. Those are not the actions of someone whose aim is self-promotion. This board would not be as good as it is now without these wonderful reports of yours that offer many of us a glimpse into something we may never get to experience. Ignore those who, for whatever petty reasons, will try to bring out the negative, and keep regaling us with tales of your adventures.
  11. My daughter's English Bulldog can snore like nothing I've ever heard before - apparently a breed trait - and used to regularly emit noxious gases that made your eyes water (until they changed his food, thank God). All the shoving and shaking i the world won't get him to stop. My Chocolate Lab (who I lost last week after 13 1/2 years) also used to snore but he would also whimper and softly bark in his sleep and his legs would go a mile a minute like he was chasing something in his dreams. At 85 lbs. that would make the bed shake like there was an earthquake! I miss that now.
  12. Wow! Look at the shoulders on the one in the live well. Very nice fish indeed, awesome catch.
  13. That's beautiful miskymatt, and a great idea about honoring Copper at his favourite lake. Good luck to you and once again, my condolences on your loss.
  14. Lew, that's a wonderful idea, what a great tribute to your buddy.
  15. Happened to me as well on Sturgeon when a muskie tried to take a smallie off my line. I saw him come out from under an overhanging branch and smsah the smallie while I was reeling him in. I won the tug of war but when I threw the smaillie back in, the muskie came back and took him right beside the boat!
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