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  1. I have owned my Hobie PA14 since Aug 2014. It wasn’t cheap as far as kayaks are concerned but the maintenance cost over 5 years has totaled $12 so far. No gas, no licensing, no winterizing, no insurance, no maintenance, no anything. I have owned a fiberglass fishing boat for many years. It barely moves now (almost sold it but I just can’t seem to part with it). I enjoy the exercise and find myself more relaxed when fishing from the yak. I can very easily stand to fish and the seat is comfortable enough that 7-10 hr days are common. I also used to regularly fish from a canoe...used to. If offered the chance I wouldn’t turn down fishing from any vessel but given the choice the kayak wins more often than not. Good luck with the draw. If you win you will never look back.
  2. A38C4580-5AD6-4C24-A8A4-9AC851A75885.jpeg
    I bought a PA14 in ‘14 and love it. The big boat now sits idle most of the time.
  3. Stop Limit = level in which you wish to sell an existing position if it drops to that point...will only sell if stock trades at the level specified Stop = level in which you wish to sell an existing position if it drops to that point...once it trades at the specified level it becomes a market order and you could get filled below your indicated stop level Limit Buy = a level in which you would like to purchase a stock...if the stock opens below your limit, you receive the market price which could be lower the level specified Hope that helps. Was revisiting thread to see how the troll was doing who was calling for WEED to hit the skids...figured he was losing his shirt if he actually put his money where his mouth was and shorted it. Apparently he's gone though.
  4. No doubt the cop acted incredibly and in hindsight did the right thing. I'm sure many of the family members of the victims would have preferred a different outcome and had that different outcome prevailed we would very likely still be applauding him (the cop) for his actions. It is truly a unique circumstance and one that will be infinitely debated.
  5. At a cost of more than $100K a prisoner per year or approximately $6million (NOT accounting for inflation or including court costs) over his expected life span - the cop should have shot him. That is one helluva cost for revenge against him getting his wish of being killed by police. We should be able to opt out of taxes that cover this cost and those that are happy to see him rot in prison can volunteer to foot the bill.
  6. Condolences to those affected most. For every American cop that has seen the video he/she is saying "...maybe in Canada but in my neighbourhood that cop is dead!"
  7. I totally disagree with the negative feedback "...wasn't busy at all" - would you have rather been pushing and shoving your way around? If so, next time try Saturday instead of Friday. "...stared at every time I went to a booth" - I hope I don't end up reading a later post of you complaining when you can't find help at any retail store. I talked to both the Shimano and St Croix guys about repairing a couple rods. Listened to Dave Mercer, always entertaining. Picked up some new Live Target lures accompanied by a "free" t-shirt. Also picked up my first Handlebarz lure. Chatted to the Muskies Canada guys about a French River/West Arm excursion. All in all a great escape from the cold weather and well worth the time and money spent. Remember, the more people you talk out of going the more likely you will no longer have the option to complain about it.
  8. Nice fish. Even though the kayak is stored for the season I am still curious as to the water temp?
  9. Awesome! It's good to know there are still a few in there. I assume you weren't targeting them?? I landed about a 34-35" muskie in Cameron chasing smallies a couple of weeks ago in my PA...good times.
  10. "Kayak" is a bit of a misnomer. It's a Hobie PA14 and although I have launched without a ramp many times I was kind of committed to a launch the way I was rigged.
  11. Yes....and I met another guy intending to launch there and he was just as surprised as I
  12. Lasalle was closed because the marina was pulling boats out. Fisherman's Wharf, the gates were closed and locked. Bronte was still closed "due to damage"...from the high water levels I guess. Hopefully I will get another shot but weather and schedule have to cooperate for it to happen. Stay tuned.
  13. Lasalle: closed Fishermans Wharf: closed Bronte: closed Strike 3, I'm out.
  14. Favourite among a library of great music...Breakdown (live) where the crowd literally sings the first minute or two of the song and his response: "gonna put me out of a job". Classic Petty.
  15. I am considering fishing Hamilton Harbour this weekend in my kayak and would like to hear about others recent successes. Of course I am not looking for spots but I am curious as to frequency of catch and what species. I understand walleye stocking seems to have taken hold and I expect largemouth and pike are in there. Sheephead, salmon, trout and even muskie have been reported in past threads that I was researching. I have actually been out in the spring where I felt I could literally walk across the water on the backs of all the carp. But is there a smallmouth population worth targeting? And as much as I enjoy hearing about a muskie caught 30 years ago I am more interested in experiences that occurred this summer and even in the last month or so. Thanks in advance and I will let you know how I made out if I get out.
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