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  1. gps PC software

    I like to load the waypoints onto a map on my PC. I then see clusters of points indicating potential areas to focus on each year. Each year the clusters either grow or new ones appear. I am mostly out in the middle of lake Erie.
  2. St. Petersburg Indy race

    Would be nice if they bit more promoting in the mainstream media. I never even knew it on or would have watched.
  3. gps PC software

    I will try it when the site approves me and I am allowed to access the linked page. Right now as a new user I don't have access.
  4. gps PC software

    Yes. The portable Garmin is about 10 years old.
  5. gps PC software

    I have seen that one. I does work but it does not allow maps.
  6. gps PC software

    I checked out the basecamp and seems to be for new units with USB ports. My unit only connects via serial port.
  7. gps PC software

    I have a garmin gps76 portable and an eagle in my boat. I use the program to copy waypoints between the two and look at them on a map. I will check out basecamp. Thanks
  8. gps PC software

    Wondering if others download their GPS waypoints to their computer from their GPS unit I have been using GPSUTIL. It is nice program however I have gone past the 100 waypoint limit for the free version. Do you download your GPS info to your PC? What program do you use? Does it allow you to load a map? GSPutil does.
  9. Low voltage when running accessories

    Not when you are running off a battery. You can't get any smoother than pure battery power.
  10. Ontario license plates

    I fixed my very old trailer plate with blue tremclad. The colour match is so close you can't tell. But I also know several people who got peeling auto plates replaced free.
  11. Low voltage when running accessories

    You need to measure the voltage at the battery when this happens. If the battery voltage is low then the battery is not able to support the load. If the battery voltage is good then as already stated you need larger cables to the power distribution panels.
  12. The Magic Lure, anyone recognize this spoon?

    The first lure posted, with the smooth finish, is red devil. Not sure about the hammered one.
  13. Sick that you can't get the proper medication in Canada to cure it.