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  1. Anyone been there? Any assistance? Saw Karl's (Xtreme Angler's episode) on it, but looking for average Joe-ish help.
  2. Looking to hire a guide for the day ... anyone have any luck with anyone in particular?
  3. Exactly the response I was looking for. Many thanks. Mark
  4. I think I've narrowed it down to the Noco GEN4 4 x 10A charger @ $370 vs the Minn Kota 4 bank @ $550 ... differences and thoughts? Mark
  5. Bass Pro Shops XPS IT2 4/4 Onboard Battery Charger - $145
  6. NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4-Amp 4-Bank Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer - $260 NOCO Genius GEN4 12V Plus 12V Plus 12V Plus 12V 4-Bank 40-Amp Smart On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger - $370
  7. Wide range of prices here ... looking for feedback. I've only have the minn kota's, but there are cheaper alternatives out there Minn Kota ($550) Noco ($280) BPS ($145) Thoughts?
  8. Autopilot is amazing. Will never buy another trolling motor without it.
  9. Thanks for the props ... I've already been offered north of $19K, unseen ... I'm hoping to get way north of $15k
  10. Buy via Aliexpress and you're safe and secure.
  11. Anyone ever try these? www.wlure.com I know all about importing from China, the risks/quality that can be expected, plus, I've read the reviews and watching videos on youtube .... just wanted to see if anyone has actually made the jump and tried any?
  12. most (6/8) of the lips off mine broke off ... won't buy them again
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