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  1. 30lb Powerpro Maxcutro on my pike reel is going into season 3. It's faded but I dont care as I use 2 or 3 feet of fluoro leader. It's got a thinner diameter for same strength and as a result I can get another 15 or so feet casting distance compared to the braid I had on before. Highly recommend.
  2. Does anyone know of any group in the Toronto area, one that preferably that gets kids out fishing, that I can donate a bunch of smaller lures I don't use anymore? I have a bunch of smaller Rapalas, Mepps spinners, plastics, etc.. that would be great for kids. Thanks!
  3. That’s awesome! I thought it was a joke a first.
  4. That’s cool. Will have to try it out. Does it affect the invisibilty of fluoro? I have about 18” of 20# fluoro leader on braid.
  5. Had what I consider great success first time using one after work at a Toronto marina. Senkos, paddle tails, and square bills werent catching anything. Hooked up 3 smallies in under an hour once I started tossing the WP. Used a 90 Perch. My only issue with them is if anything gets stuck on the rotor, the body starts to spin and if you don’t have a swivel your line will twist. They only work well where there is no crap floating on the surface. As well, the front hook would occasionally catch my line. I’m going to switch it out to #6. Otherwise highly recommended. Wish I had one earlier.
  6. Perhaps you missed he sarcasm in my comment. I thought the rolly eyes would indicate that.
  7. Also picked up a Jackall Rerange 130 size. The weight transfer system in it is so smooth on the cast! Flies very straight tail first, no wobble in the air. Probably the longest casting jerkbait I’ve ever used.
  8. Those damn tattoos and ‘leftist ideals’. You never hear of rightiwing tattoo-free people committing suicide. 🙄
  9. Got checked shore fishing in Mississauga last year!
  10. Ill take your word for it. Placed an order for one.
  11. Nice looking lures! Size and weight are just what I'm after. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Ordered a 110SP Flash Minnow..it's 17 grams! I'm a Husky Jerk guy but they are a bit of a challenge casting into wind and the #12 XRaps are a bit too fat for what I want.
  13. Anyone know of any decent jerkbaits in the 100-130mm size range heavier than 1/2oz or 14g's? Preferably 3/4 oz. Picked up a live target smelt, but want something heavier and suspending with some bright colours that I can launch from shore. Thanks.
  14. I tend to get more hook ups on the windy days. I pray for 25k tailwinds when fishing from shore. Wind in my face..not so much. Because of that, I have a spot for every wind direction to make sure I’m always casting downwind.
  15. Absolutely!! Nothing really to add to what everyone else has already said.. seeing deeper in the water is the biggest plus, not being able to read your phone screen is the biggest drawback.
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