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  1. And I just spat up a perfectly good mouthful of throat sanitizer !
  2. OK .. that didnt work ... here it is in another format
  3. Someone who is a good navigator ... and can find good landmarks on the skyline to help guide you back to shore ... like this (can you see the CN Tower ??? .... its a great landmark when out chasing Lake Ontario Salmon ) : Skyline.bmp
  4. My boat ramp is "slide her down the hill" down to my dock in the spring ... and then "drag her up the hill" for the winter ... Pretty sure I'd be a lot safer floating around in old ironsides (getting some good old fashioned covid-19 killing rays) than I would be all cooped up in the "locked down" city ... dodging shopping carts going the wrong way down one-way grocery aisles (even with a mask and gloves) - I'm seriously thinking of redesignating my primary residence just so I wont have to put up with nonsense ... I pay way more taxes and disdustingly more for electricity and phone (and well .. everything) up there just because I'm not a "permanent" resident ... even though I don't make use of most of the services for most of the year ... jeeze .. I definitely need a scotch (Sorry for the rant)
  5. Can't decide which has given me more pleasure (beauty aka "old faithful" - 35+ years complete with boarding stairs to help my 94 year old mother in-law get in and out) ... or the beast (can't believe she's already almost 8 years ... only got out a couple times last year and this year is looking a little iffy too) The beast ... does have a 300 litre tank ... so I suppose I could self Isolate at sea
  6. Very Sad .. he was my hero as a kid ... I also got the good fortune of watching him land more trout in a day than I did in a season, a true gentleman and one of the earliest (along with "Red") to promote fishing (especially in Ontario). RIP John
  7. And of course the roof is barely 1 season old
  8. Crap ... its always something .... sooo ... as much as it saddens me ... I wasnt going to go up to the cottage (respecting our stay at home policy ... even if it is in fact our summer home) ... but the neighbor just sent me these pics ... now I'm afraid if I don't go ... it could be raining inside ... or worse
  9. Just got this notice from the Quebec folks (we have a camp in a Zec) ...its gonna be a LONG spring "The directive from the Public Health Department is simple: Stay at home! Despite the fact that your members have a trailer, a cabin, a fishing license, a fishing or hunting package, an annual right of movement and that the public territory remains open, the public health directive is the priority and takes precedence over all law, permit or right of zec. Stay home! Camping is not authorized and organizations must inform their members and customers that the facilities are closed by order of the Public Health Department. The same directive applies to the rental of chalets, yurts and other ready-to-camp packages. Going fishing is not an activity that can justify the interruption of containment. People can leave their homes out of necessity, in an emergency or through force majeure. Spread the word to your members: Stay home!"
  10. Sorry for the double post ... but just realized the other one gotten hidden away and nobody seems to have seen it Just wondering if anyone has been out since opener on Lake Joe ... it was open water when I was up in early January ... if so would appreciate an ice report ... heading up this weekend and crossing fingers to find some safe ice Thanks
  11. Just wondering if anyone has been out since opener on Lake Joe ... it was open water when I was up in early January ... if so would appreciate an ice report ... heading up this weekend and crossing fingers to find some safe ice Thanks
  12. I just bought two cheapo plastic "gel" chairs and put them in back to back (either side of the middle bench)... cover over the top and presto a tent ... other trick I used (for in the water) I tied a 5lb weight on either side ... just in case ... then since gravity never fails ... if water does start to pool the wieghts pull the cover back taut (my old tinny had no snaps on it so my cover was only streched over the top
  13. True ... they clean her up and "spring-ize" it before she goes in the water so I suppose I wouldn't know (what the eye doesnt see - the heart doesnt feel )
  14. Wow ... I'm close by (at Minett) ... used to wonder whether it was worth the extra few bucks storing inside (heated) which i did the first few years vs shrink wrap outside ... feeling little better about about my choice now ... guessing the insurance rates may go up this year
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