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  1. True ... they clean her up and "spring-ize" it before she goes in the water so I suppose I wouldn't know (what the eye doesnt see - the heart doesnt feel )
  2. Wow ... I'm close by (at Minett) ... used to wonder whether it was worth the extra few bucks storing inside (heated) which i did the first few years vs shrink wrap outside ... feeling little better about about my choice now ... guessing the insurance rates may go up this year
  3. Hi Wayne !!! ... thanks ... truth be told rather be chasing Specks somewhere up in Porcupine District ... but Muskoka lakers are tasty too... and pretty much have the lake to mself. I just read your post about the back-up camera ... I broke down and got one for my F150 ... but decided to replace my Magellen GPS with the old one that comes with the camera ... no more real estate on the dash Should have done it yesterday ...its too cold to go out and hook it up to the reverse lights ... also cant decide if I should mount it up top or on the licence plate (per the instructions)
  4. A couple of New Years lake trout... 6lbs and 2 lbs
  5. 30+ Atlantic On the Cascapedia ...with a Bogdan (preferably mine) Giant char on the Tree (with Moose as my guide) 6lb Brookie (Secret lake) through the ice (Maybe with Irish and his sledding gang) 8lb Quebec Red ... not fussy where or how or who with Ahhh... scratch all that ... just thankful for the time I do get to watch the sun come up and the mist rise off the water !
  6. First time I bellied out in my F150 ... was lucky my buddy had a winch on his F250 ...and he pulled me right out (after a couple of embarassing pics with me hip deep in mud) ... went straight home and bought a winch specifically designed to fit into that hole in your front bumper where the licence plate goes.... have only used it twice (to rescue other folks) ... but wouldnt go into the bush without it
  7. I still wear my OFC hat whenever I fish ... especially in Quebec
  8. It pops up lower middle of my screen and blocks out the ability toread what's underneath it... it disappears eventually so I wouldn't have mentioned it if thi thread hadn't been started...I have a feeling it's some kind of. Notification
  9. Would be happy to if I know how on my bleckberry
  10. Me too... a blacked out banner that blocks the view of my screen when accessing from my phone browser.
  11. My Whisker 1300 has been my favourite spinning reel for almost 25 years ! Having said that ... there's nothing quite like fighting a big 'bow' with a float real ... I even use it trolling ... on the 'clicker'
  12. Yep ... pretty sure they were $0.99 at Towers back in the '70's (when I was a kid) ...we used to call them the poor man's daredevil
  13. I'll take ten green and ten yelllow !!!! Name your price !
  14. Missus bought me a drone for christmas...which I took back (before the 30 day return policy kicked in ... mostly because I hadn't decided exactly WHICH drone I need for my purposes ... SCOUTING ... not sure what the problem is with scouting is though... as a prospector who travels the 'untravelled' places .. it'd be nice to send a drone over yonder hill or lake .. before having to cut my way through the crap to get there ... chances are nobody would ever know since i'm normally miles from the next human being or cell tower or plane
  15. Yes Ive used em and they are fine ... and for $20 you cant go wrong
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