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Found 1 result

  1. So last fall I became aware of a fishing derby up in Byng Inlet that I took some interest in participating in this summer. Its called the "annual byng inlet whites marina bass derby" I thought that it would be a pretty fun event to participate in and asked for some general information about the tournament. The organizer reached out to clarify for me that the tournament is a winner take all big fish tournament...and specifically mentioned that it cant be a 5 fish tournament because not everyone has livewells...then i realized, oh crap...These guys are promoting the illegal transport of fish for their tournament...ugh. I know its totally uninentional because they even specifically say its a "live release tournament, and that all fish must be returned alive" I think they missed the technicalities.... Having spent a lot of time last year contemplating ways of creating a livewell in my tinner, i know the regulations pretty well. I specifically know that it is illegal to transport fish that are not intended for consumption in an un-circulated cooler or other device. its clearly laid out in the regs. Your livewell that is being used for the purpose of releasing fish must have a 10 gallon capacity and the ability to circulate water. I took a screen shot of the regulation and forwarded it to the organizer...hmmm whats a guy to do here...
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