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  1. Link shows/states nothing. Just a map.
  2. When I fish from shore, I check for line and hooks and move them out of the way so my dogs are safe. I'm not there to clean up after some slobs. I've seen some who clean up, and the next day or two it's littered again.
  3. That was horrible to watch, wow. Hopefully the 'murder hornets' fade away like the 'killer bees'' What's next....probably the assassin wasps
  4. Thanks for the data. The info I got from another board did not state that. Soon however, I hope.
  5. With Ford okaying the opening of marinas May 4th, don't see a problem travelling.
  6. Just heard Ford will be giving marinas the okay to open around May 4th
  7. Seems there is always something to learn in this great past time.
  8. Google St Catharines and look at all the water around us here. All kind of fishing spots being enjoyed by lots of us. A few areas are parks and avoided, but the majority of areas are open to the public. The only way we will not fish this great area is if fishing everywhere is cancelled. Myself and many others are out daily, weather permitting, including a few officers of the law that I fish with.
  9. 95 cherokee inline 6 with 350k I change the oil once every 12-14 months. Still going strong. Engines today probably not as tough ?
  10. Like him or not, Trump is doing the right thing. One has to take care of their house hold first, then offer help elsewhere.
  11. H2O2 with a spray pump on it. Cheap and very effective.
  12. For personal use, get a bottle of H2O2 and put a spray pump on it and your good to go. At work make sure you are wearing gloves I guess.
  13. The leafs will have no problem making the playoff, only 2 pts out. As well, the new coach has an outstanding record. I don't care one way or the other if they make it, but if I was a betting man, I would put it on them.
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