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  1. Could it be that Nylander's hold out and then signing disrupted the teams chemistry. They seemed to be playing better before he put his stick on the ice....
  2. Duramaxx 38lb thrust trolling motor for sale. Bought as a back up and only used once to check out performance. Works great, ideal for canoe or small craft. Location St. Catharines Asking $125.00
  3. Good job. Great numbers. I have only caught a few, but love the fight.
  4. Leafs will not beat Boston playing like this....
  5. So I guess it's good to look for freebees caused by the mistakes of the people that work for these greedy corporations. Yes, they are in business to make money. And when the corporation decides they will just let some worker go, to make up for the lost sales, that's fine. To me, if the cost of a product on only a few cents off, I let it go. If it's more, I bring it to the cashier's attention to get the correct price, and nobody lose. For every cause, there is an effect.
  6. http://babylonbee.com/news/police-calm-millennial-protesters-handing-participation-trophies/
  7. Wow, AM secures his spot in the Hockey hall of fame in his first game.
  8. I kinda like the suspense of keeping the Jays wondering when it was going to hit the fan.
  9. This is all by design, occurring in all ''free'' countries lol. The tax cattle will be steered by any party in power. Though out history, no party has ever undone the taxation of a previous party. Once it's in, it's in. In Canada, we just blindly continue to elect our dictators for free reign for four or five years at a time.
  10. Like any sport this is entertainment for the spectators, Rangers gave their fans a great thrill. That's what it's all about.
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