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  1. Something tells me it was my page, but I'll say it again it was too "Easy".
  2. Well I've been playing with the stuff for a couple weeks (own that chronarch too) so I'll add my piece. The shimano's (stradic fj, chronarch and core) are all great deals on super reels. The KVD is nice for the money but obviously not near the shimano's, a nice spare though, a couple guys at the store bought them for beaters. And lastly the omen, I'd stay away from it myself, considering how many are sold a lot come back for warranty issues.
  3. That's just it, all of this hate is built into our culture, I don't blame anyone for having strong feelings about these matters, we've been raised on it.
  4. Arthritis through my legs, working 5 days a week and arguing online, sure feels like it haha.
  5. We'll never see the LGBT community outnumber everyone else, because it's simply not as common in nature as people who are straight. All that everyone behind this is pushing for is us to stop making such a big deal about it, whether you like it or not these sexual orientations have always been around, but it's funny, when we ostracized them and told them they were going to hell for being who they are you just didn't hear about it, strange right? These are PEOPLE we're talking about, and thinking they're any less human than others is a terrible thought. These relationships aren't being shoved in your face, do you notice when a man and a woman are together? I bet not, because we've accepted it as the norm, to truly accept others we must get used to seeing these things without reacting.
  6. Here's my view, and I'm not going to say any more because I may say something I'll regret. To everyone saying that it's not the government's place to instil morals on your kids, I will agree, to a point. However, when parents believe it is their right to teach children to discriminate, be it against a race, religion (or lack thereof), sexuality or anything else, all that can come of it is more closed minded thinking that only separates us all and causes other unacceptable behaviours that I'm sure no matter when you grew up would not be considered right if directed toward someone "normal", like yourself. I don't care for Wynn myself, but I'll say this, it is absolutely government's job to do what is best for each and every one of us and to make sure that we all live the best lives we can, the only way for us to accept each other is to recognize that not all people think the same. The amount of hate for people who are "different" I've seen in schools by kids at a young age is sickening and if parents aren't willing to raise their kids to respect others then what option does the government have but to at the least present the other side of the story; that others may not act or think like you, but in the end, we all live in the same country, we all fly the same flag, and we all bleed red, and that people should be judged only upon their actions, and not by who they are born as.
  7. So I've heard, what I wanted to do is salt for the summer and then switch over to other baits closer to opener.
  8. Good reminder Cliff! I've still got to get back up your way to drop off some salt.
  9. I use a pair of 10x(I think they're around 40) Bushnells and they work great, sometimes they can be finicky especially at close range but 10x sure is nice at long range.
  10. I like a fast medium 6'6". I'd agree with everything stated above, a topwater rod isn't something you need the best for. I like the 6'6" so I can work poppers with the tip low and I can still get some decent distance on it. Medium power because you aren't always throwing 1/2 oz poppers but may want to throw something tiny. I like responsiveness in a topwater rod so I can get the bait to work exactly how I want but nothing more than a fast so I can keep trebles in fish. As for spinning vs casting, that's your call, I prefer the casting when walking but it won't toss those super light baits easily.
  11. Haven't been feeling great the last few days, maybe this isn't the best choice to make myself feel better, but it sure sounds good!
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