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  1. cool idea, I'm sure it'll work for your intended purpose I repurposed the dogs, grouse/duck season is short, they gotta earn their keep year round lol
  2. Been a while since I've logged on here, sure looks different!!! If you're looking for a multi purpose boot, best rubber boot I've ever worn is the dunlops....with a light weight wool sock I'm comfortable in them down to about -10ish, wear them with bama socks or heavy wool sock when it gets colder out...I like them much more than the baffins, easier for walking around and lighter if you're looking for a boot to sit all day ice fishing/treestand and stay warm, minimal activity, I'd go for a bulkier boot with a liner https://www.marks.com/en/product/34478.html?cid=DRMKT&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy8n-uv361wIVCspkCh3vSQqbEAYYAiABEgKcDfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=COyS1rz9-tcCFRDewAodtToB8w#34478=CHABLK&34478=8&34478[width]=REG&fo_c=1301&fo_k=f7794104a34ed6210570efcbefb4bb41&fo_s=gplaca&cid=KWGoogle_[*Campaign*]_[*Adgroup*]
  3. when I park my truck for extended periods I pull the fuse for the fuel system, so it cranks but no start..if you start the truck without putting the fuse back in it'll throw a bunch of codes but no issues otherwise
  4. the articles don't really mention but it would be even more incredible if it was a cold bore shot, I'd assume he walked it in with his spotters....I'd say it's more like 99% talent to get into the ballpark and then 1% luck I remember when the dozen or so remaining C15 rifles were offered in Canada a couple years back, surplus after McMillan filled their contract for the army, only 15k each!!
  5. I complained about the lack of easily accessible vbs brakes, the shimano rep I asked at sportsman show claimed it was to help reduce corrosion inside the reel, which apparently was an issue with a lot of anglers, salt/inshore guys mostly I would suspect....overall I like the new D reel, I like how it palms, and handle and drag are improvements, but the lack of removable side plate is definitely a downside for most freshwater anglers
  6. I think the explosion of youtubers and vimeo channels the past 3ish years really took over and dominated vs cable channels...imo the content trumps anything on the cable channels
  7. another vote for the plano container, it works....I'd suspect any number of kitchen containers would work too, but I prefer the screw top lid vs snap top lids friggin annoying you have to do that but my confidence in gulp outweighs the con of buying a separate container http://www.basspro.com/Plano-LiquaBait-Locker-Bottle/product/10211186/
  8. and another video pops up... https://www.facebook.com/100005402651890/videos/694290700761012/
  9. the way I read the FB post and screenshot of buddy's text message, the client brought trimmed out his boat, trimmed out gutted the boat down bare bones and then sent that picture to the client to show the condition under the flooring before he starts rebuilding...so can't really gauge if the boat is actually in better or worse shape than before, but I sure wouldn't be taking trimmed out opinions for full value......but maybe I've interpreted that wrong? and that picture doesn't seem all that bad to me...it's a bunch of grime and rotten foam, most older boats look about the same when you get the floor off....I'd seriously question if trimmed out boats re-poured foam, or just left it, or worse ripped it out and now there's no safety floatation either way buddy didn't get 4k worth of work done, and if that was just a deposit, I'd hate to know how much the rest of the bill was.....that entire boat needs to be gutted and rebuilt again
  10. nicely handled! sounds like that local ER has a good sense of humour too hahah been there a few times myself, part of fishing eventually lol......now my male lab on the other hand, aka professional bait thief, he's on about lesson #17, little bugger doesn't seem to mind the push threw and cut method, apparently the minnow is worth the pain....I don't even have to wrestle him still anymore, he just whines at my feel and his tail wags when he sees me grab the pliers haha
  11. so after the ipilot upgrade on the pd v2 units, you can't upgrade to the ipilot foot pedal for it, not a compatible plug in? or we're saying only the old v2 pedal is no longer compatible after the upgrade? I started out with the terrova, so this is news to me but will pass it along to buddy who is talking about upgrading....imo I need both the foot pedal and the remote, I could never give up the foot pedal entirely, just depends on the style of fishing any given day....days where I'm primarily casting out of the bow, I prefer to use the foot pedal still
  12. I've been running a kipawa prop since 2012, I wouldn't run my trolling motor without one again...it does pretty much everything it's advertised to do, big improvement over the factory prop, happy customer here
  13. I've whacked my shin more times than i care to admit, and half of them on my own truck sadly lol I take mine off immediately now when I'm done towing, because drop hitches on a lifted truck are high theft magnets in my neck of the woods in my old truck somebody rear ended me in a tim hortons drive thru, and then backed up and took off most of their bumper that was stuck on the ball...then blamed me for the damage because I shouldn't drive around with it unless I'm towing hahaha
  14. I do believe there are likely a few wild cougars that have reclaimed some of their historical range in ON, but would agree with the one poster that track looks pure dog to me it's longer than it is wide, 4 distinct claw marks which typically only see on a running cat, can form a straight line X between the pads, toe position on the outside toes are too far back to be a cat...without something for scale I'd guess domestic dog also quite common to see tail drags from a cougar
  15. I see what you're saying, but it wasn't at all like that....they need to do more "fishing trips" imo, these are not just a few accidental mistakes... DFO transport regs apply until an angler reaches their permanent residence or delivered to processing facility, pretty easy for any honest angler to comply with....sport retention of hali is a very hot issue, no problem with lodges receiving fines when they deliberately abuse the resource
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