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Trail cam.

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I believe this is a coywolf, female coyote sired by a male wolf. Popular in eastern North America especially throughout New York but not in Alberta. It's obviously to big to be a coyote. The coywolf strongly resembles a coyote but larger. I am waiting to hear from biologists that were very anxious to see the pics. I will be tending to my trail cams in the foot hills of the Rockies on Tuesday morning, I am expecting some good stuff on them. Also, in about three weeks, I am (not alone of course) heading deep within the Rocky Mountains on horse back into big time grizzly, big horn sheep, elk and moose country, so stay tuned.



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At my place in the city, they've taken over from the Raccoons as the sanitation workers in the neighborhood. A pair pass by my house like clockwork every morning, making their rounds. A lot of little old ladies with toy dogs are freaked out, but my Pointer gives them one little growl and they go running off with their tail between their legs. My wife's not complaining either, there's a lot less Squirrels digging up her Tulip bulbs.

It's my understanding that all Coyotes in southern Ontario are actually a Coywolf.

After moving into the neighborhood last winter, the guy down the street quickly figured out you need to put your trash out in a can not a bag.



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Biologists in the eastern parts of North America claim coywolves number into the millions. Coyotes adapt very well into urban life and become very bold, not much seems to bother them. Here in Calgary it is estimated about a thousand live within the city. One can almost set their watch to animal routines when they come out looking for their breakfast and supper, especially white tail deer. Those are some vey beautiful houses and properties there Rick.

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