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Minn Kota Quick release mounts


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Finally upgraded my old workhorse Maxxum to the Terrova this spring and was now interested in a Quick Release mount. So far in my manual, it does state that composite models MKA-21 and RTA-17 are not compatible.

Anyone have any positive/negative experience with these to be aware of. I would prefer something lockable but the biggest features is durability and being super solid. I've heard a few instances of some play in the mount and base plates when the motor kicks in. 

Thanks all

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I have the MKA 21.  My terrova is a 2015 model, and it works great.  There is always a tiny bit of slop when you have a removable plate, but in my opinion the convenience factor is worth it.  I like that one because you pull the pins and it pops right off, it’s lockable as well.  Great setup.  I can’t imagine it wouldn’t work with the current terrova?  I have had the slide in aluminum version in the past.  It works fine, just not as slick as the composite one.

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I have the MKA-32 quick release mount for my Terrova. It's solid aluminum and can be locked with a small padlock.  The mount is so rock solid that there is virtually no play at all. The tolerances are so tight, that sometimes it's difficult to easily slide off the top plate when removing the motor. I have learned to periodically rub a beeswax candle on the grooves before sliding it back on.

Make sure you mount the bottom plate securely. I have heard of some fails where the bracket has ripped right off the bow. Depending on the composition of your bow deck, you may want use a 1/4" aluminum backing plate under the deck, or at the very least oversize SS fender washers. T-nuts will also help keep it secure. As you can imagine, there's considerable stress from a heavy TM when trailering over rough roads or bouncing through rough seas.

I have read reports from Lake Erie guys, that regularly fish big water, of the composite material QR mounts cracking...but could just be internet Bull.


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