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Muskie Odyssey tomorrow

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Great show. Met some long time friends, and had some enlightening conversations. Ended up buying a new St.Croix LT stick with the new full pistol grip...hopefully it extends my casting day...before I turn to my fishing partner and say "let's troll for a while". JB's had 25% off on all St. Croix rods.

Musky guys are certainly another breed. I often hear the comment on here and elsewhere..."I would never  spend more than $100 on a rod or a reel". Meanwhile, I see Musky lures selling for up to $175 a piece...just the lure...lol

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JBs had 25% off but that regular price was well above what other shops had.  I miss the Odyseey from last year.  30% off at Gagnons.  I bought 2 Legend Tournaments on got a Premier graphite/fiberglass trolling rod for free lol.

I grabbed a few Bulldawgs and a big blue/silver bucktail I'll be using for open water Gbay.  


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Would like to attend just one show, some day! Always away working when it's on though. Some incredible bait makers, anglers and quite the fishy culture for the big toothy beasts all comes together there and it'd be sweet to meet and enjoy that vibe with others. 


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