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Best lakes for pre-spawn bass?


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To go with my Restoule/Stormy lake post, I've never fished for pre spawn bass but as I recently learned, there are opportunities in FMZ 10 and 11 (maybe others). I'm strictly catch and release except for Walleye, Perch, and Craps. 





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3 hours ago, Fishing Rod said:

Lake O. East end. 

I'll second that. The first weekend in May has a big red circle on my calendar. C & R season in Zone 20 is still open for Bass...and Walleye and Pike open up. We concentrate our efforts around Prince Edward County.

On another note,  last year we did pretty well in south Algoma coming back from a spring Steelhead trip on Superior. The lakes in Algoma that have Smelt populations (usually Trout lakes) grow some pretty big Smallies. I posted about it:



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