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  1. Check out Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge . great spring fishing for walleye ,small mouth bass, pike and Lake Trout. They do the full A/P complete with boats. Email gowbushkon.com for more information
  2. Up north you may need the skidoo to launch your boat. Lake still making ice.
  3. Here's what you do put a live trap near by trap her, then have a nest box made move that nest and babies into it and when you catch her open door at the hole to the nest box and she will go in and hopefully stay there. Then later in the summer trap and relocate the bunch make sure its over 20 miles away they do come back.😄😄
  4. Check out Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge, we are part of the same water system as Lady Evelyn, a northern mini version of it. Great walleye fishing. about 6hour drive from T.O.
  5. Looks good the only thing I would change would be to use an old bike tire tube instead of elastics. Nothing works better than simple.
  6. If you are looking for variety of fish. Check out Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge in Gowganda. Pickeral, small mouth, pike, perch and trout all on the main lake and lots of other lakes near by to fish. Its a drive too spot and from Ottawa looking at about a six hour trip.
  7. The rules read "Fish accidentally caught during closed season must be immediatly released" So pick any lure that is not used by you for bass in your tackle box and if you do catch a bass release it. Bass are going to hit anything that invades their area it happens. Up our way there is no closed season for bass , and it doesn't matter what you use they will take it if it passes near their beds.
  8. Looking for Gowganda area check out gowbushkon.com located on Gowganda Lake with Rainbow lakes a short distance away. Pickeral is the main fish of the lake along with small mouth bass,pike, lake trout,perch . Reasonable prices depending on what dates you want should have something available.
  9. Just remove the screw on the carb to drain gas then replace screw.
  10. DSCF0511.JPG
    Here's a picture off our balcony. Get some great sunsets.
  11. Been fishing and hunting for years, now I get to do it all  every day.   Have spent the last 14 years helping run Gow-Bush-Kon Lodge in Gowganda. I get to meet  many great people every year  who like to do the same things  many great memories made every day.

  12. 129.JPG
    Get away for some great Fishing in Gowganda on the sparkling eastern shore of Gowganda Lake. Clean and comfortable cabins , with Deluxe 16' Sylvain boats complete with 25hp 4 stroke electric start motors, fish finder,live well, lots of storage and padded swivel seats. Fish for Walleye,Small Mouth Bass Pike, Lake Trout and Perch.Some thing for everyone. Relax at night around the campfire telling tall tales with your buddies. Check our web site at www.gowbushkon.com Arrive As A Guest Leave As A Friend Everyone welcome.
  13. Image.jpg
    Check out Gowbushkon Lodge in Gowganda, depending on what month you are looking at might be able to accommodate also consider booking your 3-4 days from Saturday on as booking weeks start on Saturday. Lots of small mouth all sizes season for smallies open year round you can fish them as early as you want. The big ones are hungry in May before going to the beds.
  14. Try this product Glass Protection tape it was bought at U-Line. you buy it in a 24" wide roll sticky on one side it goes on like saran wrap and peels off easy. Cover the whole truck in no time.
  15. Finally the sap is running getting 4gals per day hopefully by Saturday can start to boil and pull the taps.About time.
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