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Best way to cure fish eggs (roe)?


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Hey there so I love fishing but have never really got into creek fishing until recently I live very close to big creek and have been doing a bunch of fishing there recently and I really want to get into the process of curing my own eggs and roe etc. I caught a nice 8lb steelhead the other day took the eggs out set them in fridge over night, scraped the skein with a spoon to get loose eggs then sprinkled on fire cure and put back in fridge over night and they just don’t seem right? I have got some other coho eggs and when they’re frozen are still kinda pliable and don’t freeze rock solid where I put mine in the freezer and they are frozen rock hard why is this? Also I would love to learn the salt sugar method and I think I’m gunna try the borax o fire cure as well, I just wanna know the best process and what you do, if you have “secrets” and don’t wanna give them a way please send me a pm thanks guys 

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I use any type of standard laundry borax.  20 mule team from the grocery store works just fine.  Back in the day I used to use pro cure,  but it’s been probably 20 years now since I’ve felt the need for something more than borax!

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