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Toronto Sportsman Show


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Was at the Sportsman Show today and was Discussed at the Show or ( Flea Market) Only J B's Tackle were there as a Shop and a few small independent tackle makers.  Quads and Mostly Hunting Stuff very little in Fishing. Great to get out but waste of money for this show. Another Cancel for next year, No Pure Fishing, Shimano, or other people

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That's too bad we went as well, yea not what it was 15 years ago but then again 15 years ago seemed more like a flea market then a sportsman show.


I thought it was nice seeing the hunting stuff at a sportsman show. We definitely did stop and talk to a couple independent guys trying to make a name for themselves.


 I always enjoy watching some of the dog shows and the show had some good speakers. 


All in all a win for my wife and 12 year old son, guess it always depends what your looking for.  I've never been to the Fishing/boat show but I would imagine that's more Fishing related then the sportsman show is.


Was definitely nice getting out.  I'm sure the show will keep rebuilding  not even sure if it was on last year.


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