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Inflatable PFD and the law


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The question have about inflatable life jackets is if you are not wearing it while in the boat and let’s say it’s in the storage compartment they don’t count as legal PFD you must have regular traditional foam PFD in the boat .To be legal you must wearing the inflatable does anyone know where I can find it in writing or heard of this 


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10 (1) A personal flotation device or lifejacket that is required by these Regulations, if it is of an inflatable type, shall be worn by a person in an open vessel or, if the vessel is not open, shall be worn when the person is on deck or in the cockpit.


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For what it's worth, I always have a traditional style lifejacket in the boat for me while wearing my inflatable. Cheap life insurance and I have taken my inflatable off to don/doff rain gear/sweaters and forgotten to put the infallible back on right away. Often these are the keyhole style lifejackets as they are much more of a one size fits most, inexpensive and take up less room than the "vest type pfds.

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