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the BEST smoker?

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On 7/19/2022 at 2:50 PM, akaShag said:

How did you do this?  I saw Dan D's work-around with the second hose/regulator.  Is your needle valve installed on the smoker regulator/hose somehow?

Went to a shop where I had propane work before (they do rvs etc.) They spliced the line and placed the valve between the tank and the smoker. Much finer control now.The place was somewhere near Bradford I think. Pretty sure it was called Panda Propane...Can't recall if it was a work while I waited, or came back another day.


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On 7/20/2022 at 4:38 PM, akaShag said:

I might be able to make that Masterbuilt propane smoker work for me after all..........right now it is just a decoration.

Pop has a propane one. He said the same,no control. What he did was, use a cast iron pan for the chips. Once it gets smoking real good and the pan is super hot,he turns the burner off. Watches the temp. Once it starts to get below desired temp,he fired the gas up,heats the pan again and does the same. He figures he has already spent the money, might as well work with what he has. He is retired and has more thime then I to do this nonsense. LOL


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