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Trailer Insurance


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Looking for a rough idea what people are paying for basic insurance for a 6 x 10 enclosed cargo trailer.  Although I keep it locked an not quite visible to thieves,  thefts are on the rise and insurance might be help if the worst did happen.  Thanks.

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Read your home policy and talk to your broker. Trailers are covered against claims arising of out ownership, use or operation or it's equipment.... "provided it's not attached or being towed by a vehicle subject to registration". At that point your vehicle insurance covers it, although I'm not sure about replacement if stolen. In both cases it could be liability only.

My boat insurance covers my trailer for replacement value, so with that said I guess I should ask my broker about my new enclosed trailer as well. Only one with any value to worry about. Anything being carried / stored inside is insured as would your stuff as "personal belongings" when stored in the yard.

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