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A Few More Pics


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This spot was the base of a huge set of rapids on the LeGrande River. We came in to the left of me in the picture to a group of mid rapid islands, where we junped off boat and threw streamers below into pools. Fantastic water up there......huge lake systems formed by several massive dam projects. We crossed lakes a few times in 6 foot waves in 18 foot boats with flat bottoms. Guide said he's been out crossing in 12 footers.....I said.."not with me you ain't". But the guides were excellent boatmen, and after the first few scary minutes you knew you were safe and it became more of an adventure. Some days these vast expanses were dead calm.


Most of our fishing was for pike, with half of our group of six fishing only fly rods. Simply amazing pike fishing......our last day myself and another guy in our boat caught easily 150 pike....biggest was 44". He was using a big rapala type bait with all trebles removed and one large single hook on the rear of the plug. When he threw it back into some shallows almost immediately several wakes headed for it. I'd say I caught 3 fish on fly rod to every 4 he caught spinning.


Going back next year to one of their outpost camps where there is more fast water, and more ( and bigger) brookies and lakers.

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