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Found 10 results

  1. Check out this video from the guys at fishing for the rest of us. I have fished for perch on simcoe before and usually stick to cooks bay but i'm usually out in a pop up hut. this year though it seemed to be the year of the dinks but on one of my trips we managed to bring home about a dozen caught 150 or so for our group that day. Nothing massive mind you and barely reached 11 inches with the biggest one but still some nice fish. I find some of the bigger jumbos dont taste as good anyways.
  2. Hi gang, lots of un with my family and friends this passed spring and summer. Here's a video recap, I hope that you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFb6Ed8WyRs
  3. Looking for trout, bass, perch? We have them all. Visit http://ontario-fishing-ponds.com . Great family fun. Open all weekend. Cash Only. Bring your equipment. No season, no limit, no fishing licence required.
  4. I'll definitely try out this technique for attracting perch. Seems to be a good way to draw them in. Plus it gives you more to do than just waiting around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foGvaio1Cgc
  5. I was able to get out to Shades Mill in Cambridge last weekend and we had 12" of ice. About 1-2 inches on top were not the best but solid clear ice the rest. Likely due to the slight thaw a couple weeks ago. Managed to pull in a nice pike.
  6. Hi all, Got out for a couple of hours on Lake Wabigoon this morning. Instead of sledding out I went further up the lake and drove out of the Reserve's landing to almost the middle of the lake. 24' FOW, light action rods with spoons and minnow heads. Started slow but at 11am it went nuts and caught a bunch of crappie, a tullibee, a jumbo perch, a huge Jackfish, and some sauger and walleye. The sauger and walleye were small but I ended up keeping the ones that blow out their swim bladders. Nice bunch of fish for my neighbour, I don't have time to clean or eat them as I am heading to the Caribbean in 2 days for 2 weeks of sun, sand, family, and FISHING!
  7. Happy New Year everyone, it's been a while. A co-worker of mine is looking to rent a hut for his family for the day on Simcoe. He'd like to go for lakers and whitefish but might consider perch fishing for the action and keeping everyone entertained. I'm wondering who is the best of the best out there now a days. I'm sure most are good or they wouldn't be in business all these years. So from your personal experience or what you know, who do you recommend? Thanks and appreciate the input. PS - Perhaps a guide? Not sure what their budget is. I believe Steve Rowbotham and Slayingm were guiding out there. PPS - I was at Home Depot on the weekend and they had Frabill ice huts, 2-3 man hub style, not thermal for $249 I believe. Just thought I'd throw that out there if anyone is looking around. This was at the Whitby location and lots of stock.
  8. Hi All, Got out in front of the house on Friday for an hour and a bit as the sun was going down. WENT DOWN AND DRILLED A FEW NEW HOLES JACK CAME DOWN AFTER SUPPER AND HELPED OPEN UP SOME OLD HOLES TOO WE HUNG OUT WAITING FOR THE FISH TO BITE JACK RETURNED TO THE HOUSE….BEDTIME! ROLOFF AND ME STAYED ON AND CAUGHT A FEW VIDEO Great little session, good to get a bite in front of the house again, saves on gas! Fish were in 9' FOW, 1/8 oz fire tiger jigs and small minnows. They hit the set line and when jigging. Perch was clear of worms which was nice.
  9. Hey guys, Got a chance to hit the ice yesterday. I'm glad we did, since it was a beautiful day, very little wind, and the sun was out pretty much the whole day. Was able to catch a lot of different sized perch. Ended up catching a couple decent ones. Before we packed up for the day, we stumbled across a school of herring on our flashers and for fortunate enough to land 2 of them. Never caught them before, they are a pretty amazing looking species. Here are a few pics, I enjoyed the perch for lunch today. As for the herring, they are nicely being pickled. (Figured I would research how to prepare them best and this seemed to be a great solution) Happy fishing everyone, dress warm.
  10. 34fow, two of us must have caught 80 nice keepers, released as many small ones, a bunch were 13+"...best ice perching so far, thank you Lake Simcoe very first one... cisco were biting too school of bait fish swimming by
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