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  1. I bet. Whitestone is a great lake for fishing. My friend said he checked the ice where the town dock is. Not too far from the duck rock 😊
  2. Friend of mine there said he checked yesterday and was only about 3 inches. Hope it's good for you by Christmas. If I was home, I'd go out and check myself but in Quebec right now lol.
  3. Wow, spectacular PB limey Congratz She's gorgeous!!!
  4. :clapping: Awesome, amazing fish Thanx for the great report
  5. Congratz to all the winners :clapping:
  6. Awwwww, adorable & amazing!!! I love it
  7. Very sorry to hear of this Rick!!!! You and your family has my deepest condolences.
  8. Got skunked today too Great fish drifter, I'm in WoW 44 incher is a beauty
  9. Good luck RC, off to the shack myself for the day :)

  10. Was a great show Dave!! When I first started watching I had no idea you guys were catching 'ski's, what a surprise!!!! Always amazing to see those majectic big fish
  11. That was unreal meltdown for sure
  12. Awesome shot!!! I miss seeing a lot of woodpeckers. At my other place, there was tons of hairy woodpeckers & my new place it's the pileated ones but haven't seen any in a real long time. Maybe it's time to start making my own homemade suet again LoL!!! Thanx for sharing your pictures. They're beautiful
  13. Wow WoW WOW.....that was a totally awesome show Dave!!!! Great job on bringin' in the ski's Holy smokes that last one that Pete caught was a monster. My daughter heard me going "OMG, OMG" and when she got out of the bath, she came running down to see it LoL. /me saunters over to her facebook page Once again, love the show!!!! █♥█ GO CANADA GO █♥█
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