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  1. I actually have it up for sale, but until she sells - i plan on adding extras to get her ready for spring so that i can have my fun ! Elite 7 HDI, HDS 7 GEN 2, Downriggers, Trees, Wire Less Bow Mount Trolling Motor - it's all coming, just collecting it till the weather warms up for me to install. Busted Merc ? not sure what would give you that idea. But i wanted something on the side, because my last boat broke down 3 times, and my 14 HP tiller saved me. It happened to be a Merc Mind you, 10 years older then what i have on now - but Mercs will be Mercs, and i rather be safe out there.
  2. Thank you for being specific I am going to look into this model, any reel / lure suggestions ?
  3. To answer your question, yes the boat sits very low to the water, but in most cases it will just be 2 people on the boat at any given time, v.s the 4 shown here:
  4. Hey Guys, As the title reads, i need something with backbone but enough feel to know what my jig which can range from 1 ounce to 3 is doing as per the following videos: All advice / recommendations appreciated ! Afraz
  5. After spending last summer in a 21 foot trophy, i have a pretty good idea of what to do, and what not to. Common sense, and good judgement is key. But i can't justify a 200 Liter fill up for poor seasonal variations, so it was best to downsize and be able to gain access to other fishing grounds that the big boat wasn't able to get into. But still want to try my hand at kings and bows so your advice in terms of kicker options is paramount in helping me decide what to get. Would a 2.5 Hp - 4 HP 4 stroke not be enough ? EDIT: JBacon, i'd like to know how much HP would i need in a 4 stroke motor to push that weight at a Max of 4 MPH
  6. Hey Guys, I am looking to get an emergency backup motor while i am out chasing kings or anywhere really but moreso, for LakeO fishing. I got a small little boat, 16 ft with a 75 HP main motor and about 1200 lbs boat and motor. With gear and Passengers i figure i am looking at 1600 - 1700 lbs tops, i need a 4 stroke that can push me at 4 mph for trolling use, and be a reliable motor to get me back to shore in case something were to happen. I've googled and googled for info but can;t seem to figure it out, my hull draft is very shallow, no deep V here. Here's a picture of what it looks like: http://www.boats.com/listing/gallery.jsp?entityid=126119031&mid=2527&ceid=329371&galleryBack=%2Fboat-details%2FWellcraft-160-Fisherman%2F126119031%3Fr%3D126119031%26entityid%3D126119031&pic=1 Thanks Guys Afraz
  7. I wish someone told me about this before, otherwise i would have taken measurements before letting the fish go. I've caught American Eel every year out of the BOQ, a few years ago that's all we could catch some nights while bottom fishing, slimey buggers they were, back in they went ! But last year we just got a few not many at all, maybe just a seasonal variance ? or something more sinister ? I'll be shooting off an email to Kirby punt and letting em know where we get into them in numbers.
  8. Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on big Johns ? i am getting 4 riggers, 2 with the dual rod holders, flip up arms, swivel bases. and a couple cannon balls, and 2 more regular ones with bases but don't swivel or have moving arms. All Electric off-course, but very old yet functioning. So old that the line counter is this spring attached to 2 wheels. What is a package like this worth ? Are motors easy to find for this brand ? and parts ? in case something happens ? Because i don't see big John down-riggers on retailer shelves when i go to Sail and Bass Pro, i usually find Scotty and Cannon. Are Big Johns not considered to be a good functioning brand ? I am getting a decent deal so wanted to gain some input before putting money down. Thanks Guys Afraz
  9. Hey Guys, I am getting a pair of used fish finders, the: Lowrance - Elite 7 HDI (455/800, 55/200 -- > 2 transducers) Lowrance - HDS 7 Gen 2 (Transducer 55/200 --> 1 Transducer) Covers for Both 1 Ram Mount Both used in good condition for 1000 bucks shipped, About a year old. Now i've checked on-line, but the prices vary so much depending on where you look. So please put in your 2 cents regarding this, and help me make a decision - New V.s Used. Will be mounted to my Wellcraft Fisherman 160, Both side by side on the console. Also please provide tips in terms of transducer placements, etc. Thanks Afraz
  10. Anyone know where i can purchase reasonably priced mercury outboard parts ? I need the following: a spark plug wire/coil for the 3rd cylinder and a oil latch cover for the cowling As you can see the inside is rusted compared to the other 2, and this rust has transferred over to the spark plug, causing problems. Motor is a 1999 mercury 75 hp 2 stroke oil injected Thanks !
  11. I am not familiar with Sea Ray quality ? so is that to say that they are good boats ?
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