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  1. Absolutely I could tell. Almost feels/sounds like a chugging when in mds. This was a Laramie with the 8spd. I had the Eco light enabled so could verify when it went into mds.
  2. I've read conflicting info on the forums about that. Putting the gears into manual via the steering wheel apparently does(according to a video on the subject) , but haven't confirmed tow/haul does?
  3. I love the ecodiesel so far it's been great. Recently looked at a truck for the 2nd vehicle and test drove both the 8spd hemi and ED. The hemi performs well but to be honest I find it a tad noisy and have to really push the pedal to get into the power band compared to the ecodiesel. That plus I found the MDS annoying as you could really tell when it kicked in. Affects the sound and feel of the truck and no way to easily disable it. Should be a sport mode or something to have the option love the Jeep does. Gave decent mpgs for a v8 though in the brief drive. Still considering the hemi though as I know it's solid and the Ram with the air ride and interior is awesome to anything else I've seen.
  4. Cliff we're so sorry to hear this. Our deepest condolences to you and family.
  5. Wow very fun trip indeed. I bet that old GBR cask strength was also a treat!
  6. x2. I wouldn't want the 3.6 for towing that kind of load and the hemi a lot harder on fuel than the diesel.
  7. I have it in the Jeep and get between 7-8 l/100 on the highway as well. If I was looking for a truck the Ram Eco or Ram Hemi would be my first choice.
  8. I have a Jeep with the 8spd and 8.4 screen. Both have been excellent and no issues. Just ensure latest software is up to date you should be just fine. Ram would likely be my pick if I was looking for a truck. Great powertrain and the u connect system I liked better than some other brands' technology. Also no issues with air suspension or ecodiesel here.
  9. If your sticking with existing motor, get yourself a tiny tach to get your rpm readings. Then you can tweak your prop selection. Also look at motor height - in relation to the bottom of hull and cavitation plate. That can make a difference in performance. Try and avoid the hydrofoil/Wale tail if you aren't having significant planing issues. They generally sacrifice top end speed a bit for the ability to plane better. Do you have the 162 pro series tiller?
  10. If you've already optimized the prop and motor height in the 25 and need more, than I'd look at the 40s and find one that is light. Different brands can vary a lot for weight of actual motors.
  11. Just wanted to follow up on this item. Mods is there any eta to when a paid no ad type option would be available for members?
  12. I had a 14' square back and ran a 50lb traxxis off it with a 12v battery at very front. Was the minnkota power center battery box. Worked great. Didn't like paddling it but wasn't too bad.
  13. Yeah some initial quotes from sw to nw Ontario is looking around 60-70 not including piping.....
  14. That's great folks I'll go the Pvc route. Thank you!
  15. I need to ship a rod cross province and was wondering what the easiest way to do so is. Was thinking of some plastic tubing from a hardware store with caps on it with the rod wrapped in cloth inside. It's quite long at 9ft so not sure which carriers will handle this too. Hoping some have experience on here to share. Thanks
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