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  1. Sorry guys, I will post my report once I find out where I can launch. Thanks again for the advise!
  2. You are right and I don't really need a boat launch to get onto the lake. Can you tell me any place I can park near that two marinas?
  3. I did google search but both boat launch I think they are belong to Muskie bay resort and Lang's Resort. We are going fishing very very early in the morning and don't want to disturb people living in the cottage so therefore we want to find a public boat ramp. Thanks again
  4. Hi Fellow members: Need help to find some Public ramp or boat launch between MuskyBay Resort n Lang's resort in Rice Lake. Want to go with my little one to try out our new canoe but haven't gone back to this area over 10 years. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi Fellow members, I just bought a Hobie Kayak and would like some suggestions regarding where can I fish for Silver Bass within one and half hours within Toronto area. Thanks in advance!
  6. I called Rogers already and they said "contract done for this WFN channel" . I am so lost now and I watched this channel everyday.
  7. The wold fishing network channel is gone and do U know why Rogers took this channel out? Any advise for other channel that I can see fishing show?
  8. Where can I find the link for This map view? Thanks
  9. Can someone tell me which model is floatation pants and where I can buy one? I went to Vaughan Bass Pro and I saw some frabill I series pants but they did not mentioned which one is floatation model. Thanks in advance!
  10. Can this fishfinder chirp technogy will see fish?
  11. Any one using it and is it worth to own one base on you have no space to store a bigger boat http://www.onefrogtwo.com
  12. Someone told me we should wear the special PFD just for kayak, is it true or any PFD should be ok?
  13. Two Kayaks capsized. one missing and one dead. What stabilizer system you use and where can you buy it in Ontario
  14. Can someone tell me where I can find the foot peddle kayak in ontario? Thanks
  15. Actually I did web through their site but they don't have foot peddle kayak at all
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