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  1. Probably a little too late, and only things we do to catch walleye but the house on the island in the southwest corner of deer bay, jigging that is productive for walleye and trolling cranks up and down the west shoreline of deer bay worked well. The 40' hole in the north east corner of deer bay caught us a feed of 8-10 inch perch a month or so ago.
  2. I hope they lock this because you just call people names, bring in other Bull like anti-vaxx/sheeple/regulatory compliance.... like hahaha you work in pharma doing the most boring paperwork in the world or something. I've been around that many times. Either way, if you think someone standing where they were to begin with, before you got there and having choice words for you is harrassment, you have lead a pretty sheltered life. Nobody agrees with you if you haven't noticed. Take your retarded opinion and disdain for me somewhere else. You've been wrong every single time.
  3. Coming from me? I am not the one playing the internet lawyer or judge. Harrassment is a prolonged thing, not a one or two time thing. It has to be ongoing and the person harrassing needs to seemingly go out of their way to do it but you know that right? Now if you read any of what you posted you will see that by definition nothing happened. Just because someone calls someone else name, which is protected via the charter of rights and that person doesn't feel comfortable doesn't make it a violation of the law. You try to play the smart guy all the time but you aren't nearly as smart as you think. You can make stuff up pon the internet all you want but you are wrong most of the time. Your opinion on things are not gospel. Good luck with your legal career.
  4. Which law? To stay where the guy was and say stuff is not harrassing. If the guy walked up to him and started talking crap sure, but it's not the interfering with fishing/hunting law. In a court, what the guy did would be covered under the charter of rights. The guy is allowed to stay where he is and talk all the crap he wants. There was no mention of the guy moving away from where he is so I don't know where the intimidation part is coming from. There was no "hate" or "racism". The guy expressed his opinion, which we are allowed to do. Not once did the guy interfere with anything. The law was quoted in the thread already. If you have a half a brain you can clearly see that no law was broken. I disagree with what the dude did and said but he didn't break the law. You need to use logic and not emotion Karen. Don't make stuff up.
  5. So what in the above is calling someone names actually contravening? I disagree with what the dude has to say but he's not breaking any laws by expressing an opinion.
  6. Rock Auto in the USA. Like 20-30 bucks USD. You'll have it in a week an shipping isn't too bad. Myself and many other people I know use them all the time. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,2000,silverado+1500,4.8l+v8,1358805,interior,window+regulator,10217 edit: Ronzo beat me by a minute.
  7. Boat launch closures are municipal not provincial.
  8. We have charter rights for both mobility and assembly in Canada. Our charter rights are not at the discretion of any level of gov't and means that we cannot be prosecuted by the gov't for exersizing these rights. I will be fishing soon enough and have no fear of these fines they are handing out because the orders are a blatant violation of our charter rights.
  9. Hey now... my wife believes me that I need the bigger TV for this reason. Don't ruin it for me now
  10. Just as a point of interest here... LG stands for Lucky Goldstar. I own a few LG items and personally haven't had any issues with them, yet. I bought an Insignia LCD TV 12 years ago because after a bit of research it turns out that the model actually used a Samsung panel. It's still going well but my urge to upgrade to something bigger than 47" is really kicking in. I'm old, my eyes need bigger
  11. According to your link as of yesterday the case rate is 0 in Ontario. Is this what you are asserting?
  12. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109004/coronavirus-covid19-cases-rate-us-americans-by-state/ I don't believe you.
  13. They actually activated the parking lot ICU at Jo Brant about 2 weeks ago and moved all the non-oxygen requiring patients from the ICU into it. Jo Brant's real ICU is at 50% bed capacity because of Covid isolation requirements from the province/feds.
  14. So at Hamilton General there are 20 "wards" with 3 beds in each in the ICU. Pre-Covid they averaged 50-60 patients in the ICU at a time because they are the biggest trauma hospital in the area. Since Covid they have dedicated 10 of those "wards" for individual Covid cases reducing the ICU capacity to 40 patients max. Yes, the ICU there is full but they reduced the overall capacity by 33%. A week ago 3 Covid patients were from the Hamilton area and 7 were transfers from the GTA. It's not hard to see why ICU's are full when they have cut the capacity 20-50% across Ontario. If there wasn't an imposed isolation of Covid patients from eachother while in the hospital there wouldn't be this ICU crunch going on.
  15. If I read a story that both Fox and CNN report the same thing I will believe it, otherwise I believe nothing from the media.
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