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  1. About 35mins for a limit out there before work tonight. Tried to take my time and sort for a limit of 4-5lb fish and ended up with 3 in that range along with 3 more @ 30+"! Not ideal but fun all the same. And I marked alot of bait out there tonight that I'm pretty sure we're Shiners. But yeah, in general Shiner numbers are way down. Josh
  2. If your having trouble getting fish out of cover go with a MH. If your fishing open water M is fine. A fast action rod is ideal, still a little tip flex to aid casting the lighter bait....maximum lure rating won't matter whatsoever in your application. From what I've seen the elite tech is nicer rod and it definitely has a better warranty than the Mojo 😉 Josh
  3. Sticking with Fenwick, I'd have a look at the Elite Tech Bass model ETB70MH-FS I've been very impressed with the value in the Fenwick lineup and have picked up a bunch of Elite Tech rods recently. Everything from the River Runner trout spinning rods to the Elite Tech Predator series offer great performance and warranty at a reasonable price point. Josh
  4. With the Walleye numbers absolutely exploding the perch are scattered and changing their habits. I've heard stories of them suspending much higher in the water column. The commercial netting doesn't help but I wouldnt expect any big increase in perch numbers with them being on the menu of the massive Walleye population. And those Walleye numbers aren't dropping anytime soon! Heard a story the other day that it's looking like the 2019 Walleye hatch is likely going to put the massive 2018 hatch to shame 😉 Josh
  5. There was a 30+lb caught on Manitoulin this week as well 😉 Josh
  6. Everyone that fishes Erie can take limits every time out and it will have little impact on the population. Estimates put the #'s at or above 130000000 walleye in the lake right now. And this springs spawn could easily ad another 50000000+ to that total. No amount of recreational fishing is gonna put a dent in those numbers. Josh
  7. Ohio was smart enough to realize the value of the sport fishery and banish the commercial industry. Guess where Ontario sends a majority of the commercial catch now!?.....yup, right across the border to our neighboring great lakes states. Stupid. Theres plenty of fish out there for everyone right now but if history holds true they'll continue to raise commercial quotas until its too late, the fishery will crash and we'll be waiting for a miracle spawn for the fishery to recover like it thankfully has the past couple seasons. The outlook right now is very, very promising but I have little faith in the management of the resource. Josh
  8. They are 100% the same fish. The pattern on each is identical. She didn't even bother to change her pants and buff....
  9. I left a MSG on her personal website with my thoughts. My message was deleted and she sent me an Email denying all of it and attacking me in return! I would have dropped the issue but her response set me off.....sponsors have been emailed and a couple are investigating. I've also shared the pics on a bunch of Facebook groups and fly fishing forums resulting in her threatening me with a slander lawsuit 😂 Here's her response....
  10. Sounds like temperature shock could have been a factor.... I'm not a huge fan of most tournaments. The entire idea of just doesn't sit well with me. When money and sponsors are on the line the fishery takes a back seat IMO.....just check out these pics I found on a rather popular anglers Instagram page.....yup, same 2 fish with 6 different outfits.....this kind of overhandling and needlessly stressing fish out for a paycheck is perfect ammo for anti fishing groups. If your gonna eat a fish, cool, bonk it and be done. If your gonna release it then snap a quick pic and put it back. Simple.
  11. I'm a lefty and cast right, reel left with spinning and float gear. Cast left reel right with casting gear. But with a single hand fly rod I cast with left and strip with right.....until I hookup then I switch to reeling with the left. When I played hardball in my younger years I batted switch and actually pitched with both hands depending on the batter..... Josh
  12. Okuma sst's are great sticks for the money. The 9'6" ML and 10'6" ML are my go to hardware rods for Steelies. The ML's are great for tossing spinners, cranks and swinging spoons just about anywhere. The 10'6" M makes a nice spoon rod for big waters and will handle pier chucking for Chinnys nicely as well. I've picked up several for $100-$120 on amazon Josh
  13. The Okuma Ceymar 65 is a big solid spinning reel that will work for musky. I have one strapped to a Ceymar inshore rod as a lender for anyone that's out musky hunting with me and is unfamiliar with casting reels. It's spooled up with 65lb braid. Makes a decent combo for under $200 and will handle big stuff pretty well! Josh
  14. Those flies will all catch fish Tiers are their own worst critics, the fish, steelhead particularly are not the most sophisticated thinkers. I gave up on head cement and whip finishing most flies years ago, not worth the effort. A couple quick hitches and a dab of superglue is adequate and easy. Josh
  15. IMO musky fishing is the next species that's gonna be seeing a BIG increase in interest. Steelhead happened about 5yrs ago, seems like everyone and their brother bought a centerpin and became a prostaffer for one company or another. It's gotten pretty bad in spots, to the point I've pretty well lost interest in several rivers I once enjoyed fishing. IG and FB makes everything a competition and everyone a hero.....everyone is out to post more pics of more and bigger fish of a larger variety than the next guy. The fish unfortunately are on the losing end with horrible ethics and mishandling running rampant amongst the relatively uneducated newbs. Josh
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