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  1. I'm a lefty and cast right, reel left with spinning and float gear. Cast left reel right with casting gear. But with a single hand fly rod I cast with left and strip with right.....until I hookup then I switch to reeling with the left. When I played hardball in my younger years I batted switch and actually pitched with both hands depending on the batter..... Josh
  2. Okuma sst's are great sticks for the money. The 9'6" ML and 10'6" ML are my go to hardware rods for Steelies. The ML's are great for tossing spinners, cranks and swinging spoons just about anywhere. The 10'6" M makes a nice spoon rod for big waters and will handle pier chucking for Chinnys nicely as well. I've picked up several for $100-$120 on amazon Josh
  3. The Okuma Ceymar 65 is a big solid spinning reel that will work for musky. I have one strapped to a Ceymar inshore rod as a lender for anyone that's out musky hunting with me and is unfamiliar with casting reels. It's spooled up with 65lb braid. Makes a decent combo for under $200 and will handle big stuff pretty well! Josh
  4. Those flies will all catch fish Tiers are their own worst critics, the fish, steelhead particularly are not the most sophisticated thinkers. I gave up on head cement and whip finishing most flies years ago, not worth the effort. A couple quick hitches and a dab of superglue is adequate and easy. Josh
  5. IMO musky fishing is the next species that's gonna be seeing a BIG increase in interest. Steelhead happened about 5yrs ago, seems like everyone and their brother bought a centerpin and became a prostaffer for one company or another. It's gotten pretty bad in spots, to the point I've pretty well lost interest in several rivers I once enjoyed fishing. IG and FB makes everything a competition and everyone a hero.....everyone is out to post more pics of more and bigger fish of a larger variety than the next guy. The fish unfortunately are on the losing end with horrible ethics and mishandling running rampant amongst the relatively uneducated newbs. Josh
  6. Because.....internet. I'll admit, I fished Sturgeon for the first time last weekend for the simple fact it's been talked up online recently. Just saying.....not trying to ruffle any feathers, I didn't find the traffic a big hindrance. Caught some fish and had a good time Josh
  7. Maybe I'm just lucky with the Pfluegers I have. Or maybe it's the winter maintenance that all my abused reels get I havent had a Pflueger spinning reel fail me yet I did have a freind that was about to throw out a 5-6yr old President that was locking up on the retrieve, gave it a 5min clean and lube and he said it was better than new. Josh
  8. If your not in too much of a hurry watch kijiji/eBay for a 9' 6wt TFO professional. It won't break the bank and will work very well both those species. Pick up a 7wt Fenwick profile WF floating line for $30, it will balance that rod perfectly for a new caster. As for a reel, a Redington Crossswater or Okuma SLV will serve you well. If your wanting to pick up something quick, just get the entire Redington Crossswater combo in a 6wt. The rod won't be quite as forgiving of casting stroke or have the excellent warranty of the TFO tho... Josh
  9. I've been using the 40 size spooled with 25lb braid for Chinook this season, best reel I've used for that application hands down For spinning reels I used to be a Shimano fan but switched to purchasing mostly Pfluegers a few years back as they offered better performance and value. These new Abu's are again a step ahead of Pfluegers (both Pure Fishing companies) in bang for your buck IMO. Still love the Patriarch and Supreme XT's for lightweight setups tho... I haven't torn down one of the Abu's yet but I'm guessing the internals are similar to the Pfluegers, simple and reliable. As someone who does their own reel maintenance and servicing what that means to me is less things to break, wear out or go wrong when compared to other manufacturers Josh
  10. Getting the right setup, settings and juice that will work for you is the key to quitting with a vape. Most of my friends have cheaped out, gotten frustrated and given up quickly. I'll admit I spent a fair amount of $$$ on mods, tanks, juices finding what I liked but in the long run the $20 a day I'm saving not smoking was well worth it, not only for my wallet but my health Josh
  11. I just picked up a couple Abu Orra inshore reels and am VERY impressed with them, particularly the drag. I haven't owned any reel with a drag that smooth. I'd put them in the same class of reel as a Shimano Sustain but much cheaper. They aren't the nicest looking reels IMO but the performance is what matters. Can't beat this reel for $110 on Amazon.ca Josh
  12. That's a helluva long day But I agree, there's some beautiful water to float right in the city. Clarke Rd to Adelaide is a favorite of mine. It's easy to forget your in the city on many stretches Tons of wildlife from Bald Eagle's, Owls, Deer etc and the fishing can be decent too... Josh
  13. Been two years for me after smoking for 20+. Vaping was my saviour, it was so easy! I had quit before a few times for up to a year and always had cravings. Weaning myself off the nicotine using a vape has left me with zero cravings and for the first time I can say without the slightest doubt I will never smoke again. It took about 8 months to get to zero nicotine and about another 3 months to get to the point where I didn't have the urge to even use the vape. Josh
  14. Most of these Musky and Tigers being caught have definitely followed the shad upstream in the fall. Thankfully, downstream of Springbank park is no the stagnant, stinky brown, oxygen depleted River that is was. There's plenty of food, good wintering water and a fair amount of suitable suitable spawning habitat in the London area. It's great to see these fish that have been taking up residence here and I can only hope the population continues to grow and they begin to successfully reproduce in the area. Josh
  15. That is 100% a tiger, rounded fin tips, as John said is a dead giveaway. There's been a steady increase in catches of both tigers and pure strains in London in the last few years including fish near and over the 50" mark. I agree the increased water quality with the absence of Springbank dam is a big factor in these fish showing up. Josh
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