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  1. Thanks ...just waiting back to hear from Ryan for availability this weekend !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks, will look into these for this weekend. ROOK
  3. Greetings all Just wondering if anyone can recommend one out of Bluffers , let me know your experience. Thanks in advance, ROOK
  4. if you are fishing Ant Isl then you should spend a bit of time throwing spinnerbaits at the mouth of the canal...you can be rewarded there at times as well ...ROOK
  5. If I get out I will post my results..thanks to all who replied....ROOK
  6. Not looking for hot spots but am wondering if someone can pass on easy access points for a kayak launch ...would love to tangle with some smallies in the river !! thanks in advance... ROOK
  7. THANKS to you both.....exactly what I was looking for...ask and you shall receive !!! ROOK
  8. Need to go to Ottawa next month and was just wondering if anyone knew of some public launches in the Rideau / Highway 416 area that I could launch a kayak /canoe ??? Much appreciated for any guidance someone could pass along to me ...would be nice to fish for the day before work interferes...ROOK
  9. Would it be possible to know what access on the west side you used so others can decide to look for better access than that location ??? I mean if it really was that bad that you need a plank. I assume other areas may not need a plank to gain access onto the ice.. thanks
  10. I had downloaded the maps to my phone last year....did not get any notification to re-new though ....tried it this weekend and the maps are still on but it does NOT locate me on the maps...it also had "Navionics + Expired " at the top of my map...still don't know how to re-new ?????????? ROOK
  11. How do you go about renewing ???? thanks
  12. Hey GrayWolf...could you explain your compact rod holder "mod' you did on your yak ??? thanks
  13. Greetings, road trip to N.B. first 2 weeks of Sept. Know that to fish salmon in the Miramichi you need a guide ( thinking of doing this for a day). Am wondering what other chances I can have on my own to fish out there, maybe for smallies in rivers or lakes ??? Will be in the southwest areas of the province. Will see if there is some sort of forums for fishing in N.B. as well... all input greatly appreciated !!!!!!!! Rook
  14. Thanks for the replies, will look into these now !!!!!!!! Rook
  15. Was looking for some and hoping people can weigh in on this. Actually looking more for a model for the person in the bow that could clip to the gunwales. I can manage to wedge my rod in my knees while paddling in the stern...but will accept suggestions for this position as well as I know there may be some that you can modify to attach to the thwarts....Rook
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