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  1. Tie that first one on an intruder shank, and I'd swing it for bows... Nice flies
  2. For building multi-piece rods you really don't need all that much space. I used to build in my mother's kitchen - all you really need is a table! It does help to have a fully detached, insulated, 40X30 workshop in the yard though As for the steelhead, I had a little rod testing session the other day. That fish was one of 6 hookups in 8 consecutive drifts, a mind-blowing day indeed.
  3. I came home to a plethora of goodies this afternoon! Cork, guides, blanks, thread, hardware, and other assorted bits. This pile of parts along with some others that arrived earlier will soon become three custom sticks. One for myself, one for an OFC member, and one for another angler. And just for good measure, a steelhead. It should be a fun weekend!
  4. Wouldn't the regs trump the old sign? Without actually looking it up I'm fairly confident that it's said "Southern limit of CNR right-of-way" for a while now I guess any excuse to cheat is a good one for some people
  5. Always a few knobs under the bridge. I've never understood what was unclear about "THE SOUTHERN LIMIT OF CNR RIGHT-OF-WAY"
  6. We had this discussion a while back... New "winter" tires are much different than older "snow" tires. Winter tires are a softer rubber compound and are VERY useful. My little honda blasts through just about anything with a good set of winter tires, it certainly does not without them. Depends on the car - if you drive something with AWD/4X4 then a good set of all seasons will probably work just fine. Remember, 4x4 doesn't help you stop...
  7. Cool video! Tried to help you out with the video, but I couldn't make it happen either. Strange, I've done it before...
  8. Gotta watch out for floats and busted rods! I got cut up pretty bad by a splitshot once when I snagged up on bottom and broke the lead off
  9. You get all the graphite out of your face? Had that happen to a Abu a couple years ago trying to haul an average bass out of a larger than average pile of cabbage
  10. That's one rod I've never taken a close look at - but have heard good things.
  11. I agree - performance wise most factory sticks are just fine. Sometimes they are a few guides short, or they cheaped out on cork etc but does it affect the performance? Probably not much. Agree again - although unless it's covered in gold I wouldn't be paying $600 for a custom bass rod... I should have been more specific - I guess I was speaking more to the fit and finish of factory rods and what seems to be a complete lack of care taken when building them (obviously, as is anything mass produced). If I do buy a factory stick (which has happened exactly twice since I started building) it tends to be Shimano. I find they stand up to the abuse of being kicked around in the boat better than most others, and the guides are generally straight which can't be said for most rods. Next time you're in the tackle shop pick up an expensive rod and look down the barrel, you might be surprised.
  12. Careful, a friend of mine dunked his in the Saugeen in a lifeproof case, and it was toast!
  13. Should have seen that one - my bad. Roy I posted in the Tyler thread as well but can you confirm whether the two bids are standing on the second set, or were for the first set only? Cheers
  14. Hey OFC, I'm looking for a pair of Leafs tickets sometime in March-April, and I'm in a hurry. If there's any chance you are selling or know of someone who is selling a pair, please let me know! Apologies if this doesn't belong on the main board [email protected] Thanks!
  15. Anyone who has climbed the Niagara gorge knows that steroids are a distinct advantage.
  16. Yup - most factory rods are not splined. I suspect that might be partially because the blanks aren't straight, so the rods are built on straightest axis (which I'll also use sometimes, depending on the rod/application)
  17. Nice rod - nice fish! I got my new build out on the weekend as well, nothing like the feeling of a brand new stick battling early season chrome!
  18. Ever since I started building rods I've found myself looking at factory sticks in a new light. Are the wraps clean? Are the guide feet straight? Are the guides themselves lined up? Is the blank straight? Why is there a thread sticking up on a $300 rod? etc, etc. Now I don't claim to be a master builder (insert joke here), but after only 4 years and give or take 20 rods I can answer those questions YES about my own builds. Last week I went to Sail to browse some rods - I'm looking for a new medium duty spinning rod and I have 5 builds on the go already so I was thinking I would just pick up something off the rack for now. Every brand has an offering in the 6'6" medium spinning category, and I couldn't find a single one that I thought was worth the $$. Oddly enough, when looking closely what I did find was the moving up the price scale actually increased the gap between price and (perceived) quality. I'm not suggesting that the $30 Ugly Stick is better in performance than the $300 Loomis, but it surprised me how close they were in aesthetic quality. Crooked guide feet, misaligned guides (this is a BIG pet peeve for me, how can anyone pick up a $300 rod, look down the barrel at crooked guides and make the purchase?), and poorly thought out wrap design (light bright red accent bands on translucent wraps - not great if I can see the tag ends...). I never gave any of these things a second look until I started building myself, but now it's like a big red warning light goes off every time I pick up a factory rod. I guess my question is this - is this a new thing that has happened with the mass market appeal on high end rods, or has it been happening forever and I simply never noticed? /rant Kemper
  19. Tohatsu manufactures the motors for other brands you mean? Or they also offer a line of motors under 25hp? I drove a boat with a 9.9 Tohatsu last summer and I think rowing might have been more efficient. That thing was completely useless.
  20. I do almost all of my shopping at SAIL now. I like to support the little guy (in this case gagnons) but when it comes to prices for the things I buy often, Sail comes in lower. As a University student - price means everything. The other beauty about sale is that they seem to be having a hard time moving the top notch gear and it is deeply discounted. Quite a few fly rods in the $650-$800 range that are up to $300 off...
  21. Nice lakers Mike! You'll be back out there in no time sore lippin' some more - we're all pullin' for you.
  22. Came across that yesterday, good for a laugh! As long as they don't test for beer...
  23. Do you switch hands with a baitcaster? I do...might be why I don't reach right to the bottom with my left when casting? I've never really thought about it too much, but noticed right away when I bought a split grip caster a couple years ago
  24. Dan the problem I have with split grips on casting rods is the way I hold the rod when casting. I don't have my bottom hand right at the very bottom, so it makes it awkward because I have my hand half on and half off the bottom knob.
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