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  1. darsky

    stradic ci4 handle

    in mtl- shiman au peche
  2. darsky

    Cuba for fishing

    which of the cuban resort areas have the best do it yourself thing ? I remember some good flats areas near cayo coco/guillermo area
  3. darsky

    Round Up weed killer

    right,maybe you want to do a bit of homework on Monsanto........
  4. darsky

    Round Up weed killer

    anything made by MONSANTO cant be 'good '
  5. darsky

    New PB Musky

    ....wished I lived on Francis.Oh wait-I live on Louis.........almost the same thing!
  6. darsky

    Round Up weed killer

    Does anyone know the water/RU Concentrate mix ratio is ? I think it is 100ml per 1.1L of water but I cant find the label so i am not sure. Thanks in advance
  7. darsky

    Happy Passover Roy!

    .....and everybody else celebrating
  8. darsky

    Rolling Stones

    those 7 and 8 hundred dollar vacays are soon to be a thing of the past.
  9. darsky

    Rolling Stones

    either way it has to be a free event as very few Cuban could afford their tickets even at a lower price. Maybe free future healthcare?
  10. darsky

    Rolling Stones

    THE ROLLING STONES ANNOUNCE FREE CONCERT IN CUBA! The Rolling Stones will perform a groundbreaking concert in Havana, Cuba on Friday March 25, 2016. The free concert will take place at the Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana and will be the first open air concert in the country by a British Rock Band. Always exploring new horizons and true pioneers of rock, the Stones, who have toured every corner of the globe, will bring their high octane performance and incredible music catalogue to the Caribbean for the first time ever.
  11. darsky

    Storm-what storm?

    bit of freezing rain (again) and about 5 cm of snow. For days they were saying 30+. Can't say I am disappointed tho'
  12. darsky

    what song are you listening to right now???

  13. darsky

    Happy Hanukkah Roy!

    Lots of latkas for you. And when you spin the dreidel-I ALWAYS take gimmel !