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  1. June 11-18. And I thought this was so thoughtful. They don't even want a deposit from my brother due to the uncertainty of his condition. They just said if he comes we can just take care of it then. That really is above and beyond.
  2. We just booked a week at Kanipahow's Embarrass Lake Outpost. I will be posting a detailed report here after the trip.
  3. Where do the barb less single hook rules come into effect? Just Nipigon Lake, or all the feeder rivers that lead to it as well?
  4. I gotta say I'm leaning Onamons or Red Rock after doing a bit of research. Late May to early June.
  5. Can't beat the price at Chapleau. Any experience there?
  6. How much pressure does Lake Nipagon get? How many lodges or homes are on the lake? Anybody here with experience fishing it?
  7. Looking for numbers all the way. Pike and walleye are great, but fish is fish. As far as accomodations rustic is fine. Definitely don't want anything too fancy.
  8. I'm looking for advice on the best lodges in Ontario. Nothing fly in. Taking my brother who has brain cancer, so hoping for some good options. We've done Poplar Ridge in Hornepayne a few times but that's the limit of our experience. Willing to drive as far as we have to. Thanks in advance.
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