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  1. Just to update this, I took it to Thomas at Arc-Tech Precision Welding in Cambridge. I was very impressed, and he's a fellow fisherman so we talked fishing a bit as well.
  2. I'm currently not with the boat and don't have any pics on hand, but I'm pretty sure I know why its happening. The transom is more angled that what I've seen on most small boats (rather than vertical), and the motor thats been on it for a while is a 25 hp Honda 4 stroke which I suspect is pretty heavy for this transom. I've had it for about 5 years now and did notice the small stress on the bracket early on, and I've been using a transom saver for trailering it. However lately I've been taking it camping and took the saver off for the trail down which was extremely bumpy, so that probably didn't help. And its also been at the cottage and I think some others have used it and probably trailered it on bumpy roads in the fully tilted position. I just realized this was happening though and then noticed the cracks when I inspected it. So I'd like to try and just patch it up and keep an eye on it. At this point I really don't want to replace the motor\boat for what we use it for. So just looking for bandaid solutions.
  3. I need to have someone repair a bracket on my boat, it's starting to crack and I'd like to get it repaired before it gets too bad. The repair would have to take place on the boat directly since the bracket is riveted in on one end so I can't remove it. I'm located in Waterloo and am calling places to see if they would do it but I thought I'd ask on here in case there are any recommendations. I'd prefer to stay somewhat local but will be willing to travel a bit if there's someone that comes highly recommended.
  4. Boats rated for a 30 hp. I have a 9 pitch prop on there now, maybe I should try something else. I also need to fiddle with the pin and try it set at different spots. Its the only motor I've had, but it seems like its running ok based on sound, etc. Maybe its all I'm going to be able to get out of this boat.
  5. How has it been running? I have pretty much the same motor in 25 hp and feel the same way. It will plane up with just me, gas, tackle and a couple batteries, but when I add another person or my wife and daughter it doesn't plane. Add a 3rd person or some more gear and it plows. I figure the boat with all gear is about 1000 lbs or so. I am considering buying a different boat and motor but maybe I should look into this a bit more. Maybe its a fuel problem as well. When you played with the choke while running what exactly did you do? Did you just pull the choke out and it sped up?
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. I will be checking a few of these places out for sure. Tow vehicle upgrade is definitely going to happen at some point in the next few years, and I do have access to a truck for the bigger trips when I have a couple people with me and a bunch of gear.
  7. Wow, been a while since I posted here. The whole busy life, having kids thing took over for a while. Anyway, I've been fishing the whole time and now its time to get a new boat. Right now we're really trying to decide what we want and what our budget will be. Our biggest limitation is tow vehicle. We thought about upgrading it but its not the time. So we'll be limited to something around 3000 lbs to leave room for gear in the trunk. Right now we're thinking the best thing for us would be a 16 foot aluminum of some sort with maxed out HP (I'm tired of driving an under powered boat). Would like to go 17 but not sure if that will push the weight too much. Anyway, I'm wondering if people could recommend some boat dealers they have had pleasant dealings with in the past. I'm willing to travel for good service. I'm located in Waterloo and travel up to Huntsville area pretty frequently, so anything along that route is perfect. Also, any recommendations on boat would be awesome! We'll mostly fish the smaller lakes around Ontario. Would love to get out on the big lakes but I don't think I'm going to find something I can tow and feel comfortable in. Mostly bass fishing, however I do like to troll around occasionally.
  8. Oh ya. Whoops. It definitely is restricted to Canada, I just didn't read the original post carefully enough. Sorry.
  9. http://www.ctvolympics.ca should work for you. I've been using it and loving it, the quality is great as well. Go to that site and click the "watch online" on the right. They let you watch every networks coverage and you can go back and watch events you missed, its pretty sweet.
  10. I always have a spinnerbait tied on one rod, and its usually white. I don't have a specific brand either. I find the strike king ones work well I think...I always forget what brand they were after they have sat in the box a while. They catch a lot of species to. This year I have gotten smallmouth, largemouth, crappie, pike and musky on them. I usually like to throw them when i'm checking out a new area and fishing it fast, since they are pretty much snag proof.
  11. Awesome stuff! The first one is really catchy.
  12. Also, I found it easier to learn with a heavier bait. Once you get a feel for it you'll be able to throw lighter baits with less tension set on the reel. And like GCD I like heavier line, 20 pound might make some nasty birdsnests but I have a tip for that to. First off, don't cast too hard at first until you get a feel for it, just start with short casts. But you will get birdsnests and this year I figured out a nice little trick for getting them out and it so far has worked every time. After it has nested, pull the line out until it catches. Put your thumb on the spool as tight as you can and give the reel three or four cranks, then try to pull it out again. 8 times out of 10 it gets the knot out, but on real stubborn ones I might have to do this a couple of times. So far I have never had to pick a knot out.
  13. Ya, i'm thinking some real heavy duty salad tongs are in order.
  14. This past weekend my bro and I fished a small lake near his place. It was our first time out on the lake so we were just covering water to see what the lake had. We were drifting over a deep weedbed, I was throwing a white and red spinnerbait and my bro was throwing a small husky jerk. It didn't take long to have a couple fish take swipes at my spinner bait. One fish took about 4 swipes until it finally got pinned, but it was just a little pike. We weren't sure if we were going to keep any yet so we decided to toss it back. Not long after that my bro hooked up. It would run a bit and then sit still like a log that you can just barely move. Then it would run a bit more and then stop again. We thought we had a huge pike on. Fought it for a few minutes and it wasn't getting closer to the boat so we chased it down a bit. My bro was getting pumped. That is until we got to where the fish was. His line was completely vertical and no sign of a fish. Then it ran a bit more so we new there was something on the other end. It stopped running and just sat there like i don't know...a big clump of weeds maybe... After it didn't move for a few minutes we decided to wrap the braided line around the net handle and try to pull whatever it was up. We got it moving, got the net ready, and netted the monster! If you look closely in the pic you'll see the fish! It was definitely the heaviest pike I have ever seen ! Its a bit hard to tell but the clump of weeds was probably 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Made for one heavy fish! By the time we got the thing to the boat I think it had fought itself to death, it wasn't even twitching anymore. So this fish was destined for the pan. We ended up catching another small pike about the same size so we kept it to make a nice meal out of it. Its too bad the pike wasn't bigger but it gave us a good story to tell.
  15. Great fish man. Glad you got into a decent fish. Lets try to hunt them this fall.
  16. Seeing this post and getting an email from my dad I figured mine would be here as well. It was in the mailbox. 43B for me. I'll be using it in muzzleloader season in December though.
  17. Glad you had a decent turn out. I wish I could have made it out. Next year I will.
  18. Hah! At one point my dad was sitting up on the bow on a lawn chair and I thought, if only we had a really long bowmount trolling motor, this would be an awesome big water bass boat I just say I was fishing from the cottage, it just so happens that this cottage floats! No I didn't, but thanks for the info, I definitely will at some point. We fished strait out from there by the channel markers. I didn't end up bringing the tinnie because the plan changed and we spent the night out on the water by the lighthouse with some of my parents friends. So I knew I wouldn't have any evening or morning time and wasn't really sure how much fishing time there'd be. So I just left it at home. Thanks though! I will try it out soon and let you know. Oh ya, and Rich. I will be taking you up on that offer. Lets set it up.
  19. Awesome! Man I wish I could have made it. Next year!
  20. Spent this past weekend at my parent's boat on Long Point Bay. I hear again and again how great the fishing is there but I have rarely gone out, other than fishing off the docks and in the marina. This is mostly because we are usually there with a bunch of people who don't really want to go fishing, nor do they want to get sea sick sitting in the middle of the bay. Finally we had a weekend there where it was just myself, my wife and my parents. So fishing was on the agenda. Having never fished it before we were going on what we have heard from people but we were also just trying to do some searching. Its a bit tough to cover water when you are fishing out of a 34 footer though! We tried a couple spots with no success, then finally found a nice big flat of weeds. We dropped the anchor and let the boat settle, I through out a white spinnerbait and withing three cranks of the reel, this guy slammed it. A nice 4 pounder. Most times when a fish hits the first cast it is usually a good sign. But unfortunately for us that was the only fish of the day. We only fished for an hour or two, but it was enough to make me want to get out there to fish more often. I'll have to make sure I get a boat that will be comfortable out there. Here is a pic of the boat we were fishing out of. Not the best largemouth hunter, but it did the trick. Hopefully this fall we'll try to get some big Erie smallmouth if we can find them.
  21. Good work Mike, looks like you had a blast.
  22. Awesome day!!! Those are some massive bass! That would have been a riot.
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