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  1. This happened to me last year one of those black rims for your winter snow tires--- was only a couple years old it rusted in the centre of the rim--just enough for a slow leak pretty sure they don't use the best steel on those good luck
  2. Can't confirm...but I read the processed "meat" is full of salt---that other thing they warned us about
  3. If God did not want us to eat animals......He would'nt have made them out of meat ? Hey Bri
  4. Insert an in-line swivel 18 inches up from your bait
  5. Tubes then grubs----smoke and green are good Jerkbaits Wacky senkos always work Big spinnerbaits are another option
  6. Thanks Liverelease I thought maybe things have changed here at OFC with the rule changes---but your one sided political view has proven that hyper partisan is alive and well I will check in again in 6 months or so and see if grown ups are here Good Luck Art......hate and Bull is a hard fight.......take care brother---see ya.
  7. Yes social media is here to stay But it does not remove the fact that If I call someone a foul name for breaking the rules on a public forum---I better make sure I have never broken any rules ----hence I would be a hypocrite And if I thought muskies were the endangered holy grail of fish----I would'nt be fishing them in 80 degree plus waters or using barbed baits---lest they gill hook an undersized musky and you have to let it go floatin belly up--gotta stay legal right? After all---this is a musky we're talkin bout
  8. Everyone I have read in these threads has agreed this action was wrong and should be dealt with by the "Proper" authorities It just gets a little wide when this guy gets sent thru the wringer of public opinion--to the point it has So one can only assume those that have partook in the name calling etc (aka public lynching) is above reproach and has never done anything wrong---to the point they could be videoed at any point day or night---and their actions can withstand the jury of public scrutiny
  9. Great news on your health and what a photo-journey Ya did it up right People miss so much when flying ---and I know it's mostly about time But the most important thing you will always be able to reflect upon-----You took that time PS---I liked the prairies---especially at night-----Lights shine like Islands in seas of wheat and canola fields
  10. Yes Ironmaker---you can google "Leech Lake Rampage" and also see a dock full of huge muskies hangin in the sun---from the 50's I believe I also agree with your view on how relative killing one fish is compared to the countless atrocities happening daily in this world----somewhat why I asked a few questions and gave another angle----cuz it was apparently 4-5 pages of name calling and curious comments which Art has to remind people can be used them in a court of law The web is not the local pub or schoolyard---and recent laws are regulating and scrutinizing it's usage more closely---check out the new and improved cyber bullying legislation---stemmed from tragic teenage suicides And some of the tirades on certain groups based on Race/Religion or sexual orientation may fringe on Hate publications---another offence---do you want the court to decide that you were serious or not? If a Sask resident can be fined by The Supreme court of Canada for distributing ant-gay flyers as hate literature----is it worth it? And at the end of the day I believe if the crap ever hits the fan---it will put our host TJ in a very awkward position---not the way to treat a friend ....no? There are so very many things we can get angry with.....but anger does'nt solve the problem---there are channels to use if persistent and important enough to you if it's not worth acting upon---is it worth driving your Blood pressure up over then? In the orig Post---yep---guy broke the law----take whatever action needed to stop it from happening again----but the rest evolves into a mob mentality.
  11. It's not really hate...more pity and sympathy...like you felt for that kid in school who was always picked last for the team...it's ok l'il Johnny--it's not if you win or lose---as long as your havin fun
  12. Just for clarification-----I did say I don't think what he did was right-- But if I go around judging the world---it somewhat leaves me open to be judged---and again---I'm just trying to get by I've got family members that shoot wolves on sight----should I go tell them how wrong they are----or live and let live and try and get to the finish line with a modicum of peace We've all seen entire watersheds polluted and ruined-- and ALL fish floatin---no matter what the type------but it's business and must be ok--cuz somebody's making a living Again killing for no reason is wrong---in my opinion---and this is what this is all about--right? How does a Muskie climb the evolutionary scale above many others-----treated with the same fate Again---more questions than answers
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