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  1. May have to go old school and trial and error like many of us learned find weeds, breaklines and rocks and give er a go
  2. I agree---one of our greatest species we have I thought so---so much that when we built I had a pond dug and stocked it with them and some bows Was one of the greatest things I ever "had" Had as much fun feedin them as catchin them--but alas----predators and fluctuating water levels put me outta the game Great tho while it lasted---this was them
  3. I've got a 17 foot boat-----boat and motor is a 1000 lbs trailer maybe 300? when my livewell is full bout 3000 lbs---handles her well 😎
  4. I've got a 13---I heard issues with the 16's https://www.motortrend.com/news/2013-ford-escape-ecoboost-rated-to-tow-3500-pounds-174613/
  5. I used to do the f150 4x4---and there was a time it took $150 to fill it therefore I downsized to a 2 litre ford escape with a 3500 lb TC good on gas---4wd if I need to run to the lumber yard or dump---I have a utility trailer too many years I run around with an empty box truck---just to say I drove one
  6. does your grocery store not carry them? that's where we get ours
  7. Hey Bri---keepin them lines tight?
  8. Just watch your trim to keep the nose down---sitting in the back sometimes can be a challenge for obstructions or kayakers 🙂 passengers a lot of times don't get that you need to see also- I run a 50 tiller
  9. Round Lake---minutes from Barry's Bay
  10. Muskrat lake is a different animal---it's Cobden Busy lake---lots of bass tourneys---suffers every year from a heavy blue green algae good fishing---just busy---lots of Ottawa traffic Guess this is where the interweb is a good thing for info 😏
  11. Uh...Santa didn't bring ya what ya wanted?? 😀 Just kiddin---Environment should always be considered
  12. Decent fishing in Kaminiskeg---Bark Lake and Madawaska river Round lake has been good lately---other trout lakes nearby You see atv's around on roads Nice little town
  13. I missed that Weaponizing your boat section in the boaters exam test we all had to take I guess
  14. I hate when the fish interrupt my sandwich 😃
  15. You may wish to assess your boating requirements Hey it's 2020---why not? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/humpback-whale-st-lawrence-1.5591877
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