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  1. Awesome Blaque! Can't wait to see what you discover. Thanks!
  2. I tried to find out how long it lasts with no real answer other than their site saying they treated a piece of metal and left it in sea water for a year and it was still in tact. I'll wait for real world tests, but the potential seems very real. I also read it WILL be available in Home Depot in Canada later this year. It retails for $20 a kit at Home Depot USA and covers 15 sq-ft. I'm definitely going to give it a try on some shoes and underneath my truck.
  3. Just saw a news piece on this product being released to the public after years of commercial use. If it works as advertised I can see a hundred and one applications fishing and beyond. I'd like to try it on rust-prone areas of my truck. It is currently available at the Home Depot in the USA, but not Canada, but hopefully soon. Check out these crazy demos: What do y'all think??
  4. Great picture report and even cooler to watch the progression of your son under your tutelage. Don't think there's a better Steelhead teacher out there!
  5. High-Five!!!! Gotta love the feeling when you fix something that was broken yourself.
  6. Here's what I'm talking about. The metal spacer closest to spool goes in first, then on top of that is that small black rubber washer. Without that I get the exact same play. Then last goes the bearing (the other bearing is inside the spool fyi) I would have zero worries about taking it apart for warranty. Not only is it super easy, but with this reel is necessary to do once in awhile as it is not as protected from sand like my other reels are.
  7. If it was fine before then suddenly you got play, perhaps one of the rubber rings inside has been rotated out of place. I'll take mine apart and double check how it's setup and report back. Perhaps you can take it apart fully to inspect. Mine came with a schematics pictures.
  8. Misfish, Have you ever taken the reel apart to clean/access the bearings? I have a Sheffield and I am sure it is mechanically the same. There are spacer pieces inside that I have neglected to put back and that causes the exact issue you have. If you haven't then certainly something is amiss.
  9. Another great report Moose! That belt rod holder looks pretty nifty. I wonder how that would work with a 13ft float rod??
  10. Exciting photos! Just what everyone needs before opener!
  11. Well done Cliff. I dream daily of having a reverse work week - 2 day weekday, 5 day weekend - so enjoy the fruits of your labour!
  12. Thanks Mike for sharing your trip. Definitely know you're always chasing Steel somewhere this time of year, so it's a treat to see it in pictures and video!
  13. Wow that was a trippy read! Saw the pics and waited till after my evening dinner drink had settled before I got into this one! Those car racing and Asian references made total sense!
  14. That's happened to me many times as well. It would be interesting to throw one of them perch into a tank and see if it would last say a week and see how the freeze affects their lifespan. If someone could figure this phenomenon out, think what it could do for the fish food industry! Truly fresh fish at home!
  15. What a great winter recap! Thanks for sharing!
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