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  1. Glad to see you killing it out there - Hope you're doing well all the way up at PAB!
  2. Which model are you looking for? I've got a 71MHXF - Not the newest gen, 1 gen back.
  3. If you put this up 2021, I would've been driving up to you as soon as I saw the ad. Good luck with the sale, Will!
  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing. Do between 5-10 trips for them a year once the ice is ready. Looks like you’re fishing fairly shallow for them! I myself have found areas but haven’t really come across a night where it’s non stop.
  5. You're realistically looking at an inflated price that will stick around for a while until the next restock (If they decide to lower their prices again) because of the USD/CAD exchange. Everything went up by about 35% last year when the CAD was really low. Other than that, some of the top end terminal tackle has gone up in quality to reflect the pricing and people are willing to pay the premium for the best. For cheap stuff, yes, they are still cheaply manufactured. I'd be willing to bet that chinese manufacturers have raised their prices by some at the very least. You definitely can find yourself a deal if you find the right supplier in China to order them by the thousands - but you will definitely get a handful that shouldn't have passed quality control and you will have huge amounts of a single product. You also have to keep in mind that the anglers nowadays are much more educated. If it's not spoken about on social media or a pro is using it, you're not going to get a ton of interest. Look at the recent buzz about spybaits that spread like a wildfire right after KVD won on the St. Lawrence with it. These baits came out 4+ years ago without much talk about it until very recently. With the consumer society of today, having a plethora of tackle in various shapes and sizes is part of the joy of fishing. Fishing was once a blue collar sport - now I'd say it costs every bit as much if not more than golf.
  6. If you let the full juice air dry over time, it turns slightly more viscous and dark. Just enough to apply onto a bait like a jelly. Because of the water base, it doesn't stay on very well but I've watched aquarium fish eat it up like I poured down fish food. Do I use it? Almost never, but it stays in my tackle box... I'd top up the gulp bags every so often because those bags dry over time whether you like it or not
  7. lol. too lazy to search but not too lazy to go fish. http://www.osmtownship.ca/en/things-to-do/Boat-Launches.aspx
  8. I own the 14' sportspal with a transom back which was modified by one of the members of this forum - can't remember who. In the back, you can put a 2hp to hit about 10km/h which isn't bad. You can go through 10k zones at full throttle lol. In the front, I bought one of those BPS Trolling motor mounts and just clamp it across the front to have a tiller bow mount trolling motor. This way, you actually have a lot more control than the trolling in the back. Battery goes behind the front row of seats. I did wear out the front a little bit doing this, but i don't see it breaking anytime soon. http://m.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Canoe-Motor-Mount/product/67133/
  9. Cheers to you for still ice fishing - I wish we had a few more days of ice!
  10. I just wrote an essay to the MNR about our crappie limit. What really needs to be brought to light is that our population in Ontario is probably one of the largest in this part of North America and we seem to have some of the most liberal panfish limits. Add a little bit geography, some climate change, and a bunch of miseducated/greedy anglers, and we are heading straight towards a whole lot of lakes with a lot of stunted crappies. Yes, panfish breed like cockroaches, but large panfish that most anglers like to catch are definitely not a renewable resource. Of course, the first boom of crappies in a new lake will dominate a lake. Many of the Ontario lakes will go into cycles in the future. My prediction is that good fishing for panfish will start moving further and further away from the GTA with our current panfish regs.
  11. Another piece of equipment to cut out the learning curve in fishing. There's a lot of things I'd love to do with it, but the price tag probably isn't going to be pretty. The next thing to worry about would be battery life in our climate especially during the ice season.
  12. I just bought a set of auger blades from them even though my blades are still fine. But yes, the rest of the prices aren't realistic
  13. Wow new record! The burbot brothers are probably going to try and reclaim their record this year Googled Aklavik and holy crap that's far and there are so many water bodies there. lol
  14. It's really sad how some Canadians are resisting to believe that they need change to their lifestyles and saying that Canadians aren't part of the problem. An easy solution would just be to not have kids, use up what's left of the natural resources and say good night to the world. We say we don't need to be a leader in the solution because we aren't a big problem anyway, but how's this? Can we finally follow the big boys and at least try to destroy the planet a little slower? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-07/china-approves-over-15-billion-of-green-debt-in-pollution-fight
  15. I don't have a lb test to offer because I am clearly using way lighter line than the others here. I've been bit off with 40, but haven't had troubles with 60. I do have a tip though. (Myself being a pike once or twice a year kind of guy) I don't like connecting the 2 lines with a connection knot, but rather with a swivel to join the two lines and then a snap for putting lures on. This way, the leaders last me for a few trips and you can go back to other kinds of fishing without having to retie the whole leader again the next time you go for pike. Snaps also make changing lures very easy, but you know that already Make sure swivels and snaps are strong, and don't reel in past the swivel! I also find these heavy fluoros are very cumbersome to tie, and knots that go through the hook eye twice don't seem to work all that well. I stick to a simple uni knot.
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