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  1. SAIL all rods including St-Croix 20% off for Black Friday
  2. I agree with Davids comment that their are many choices of Braid to choose from but at the end of the day the difference between them is not night and day. This is even more true when it comes to using braid on a baitcasting reel. Day in day out original Power Pro is a excellent choice. When considering braid for a spinning reel is when I have notice the characteristics of braid to come more into play. This especially true when the choice goes to braids with extra small diameter such as Seaguars Smackdown and the extra casting difference gained . However this extra benefit comes at a price. Great line but its not cheap.
  3. I still swear by the original senkos but at roughly 10 dollars Cdn a pack it hurts a little more especially when you loose a new senko to a rock bass or a 10 inch bass. Inflation and a depreciating Canadian currency impacts the price we pay for everything. I assume your 4.99 senkos was around the time the Canadian dollar was on par with the U.S
  4. I agree with the current discount at SAIL of less 20% on most fishing stock and 15% off electronics and motors their prices are hard to beat . Its not like there every day price is inflated either .If SAIL follows the same pattern as last year this will be the last chance at 20% off. Last year during the spring fishing shows and other promotional events the max generic discount was only 15%. Good time to stock up if it fits in the budget.
  5. Thanks Pump Knows for the update on the Clam box . I was hoping for a Black Friday promotion at SAIL this weekend. With all signs pointing towards a early start to the ice season and most fishing products 20% off looks like the perfect weekend to pick up a new ice shelter and a few other items.
  6. Thanks. I will keep that in mind the next time I drop by a store or see one on-line. I am planning on trying to purchase most of my ice fishing needs around Black Friday. Last year all fishing equipment was 20% off except for electronics that was at 15% off during The SAIL Black Friday event . Not that 20% off a clam box is material however I am also in the market for a Ice Shelter so now I am waiting for some possible pre-ice season deals to hopefully materialize.
  7. Not sure. The sales person at SAIL was able to let me know they were on order. I truly did not enquire on the cost. Like I said I will pass by the store around Black Friday to see what is on special.
  8. That’s good to know. If the boxes don’t arrive by the time SAIL has its usual promotion around Black Friday I will keep this option in mind.
  9. You always need to take the information you receive from the sales associates in big box stores with a grain of salt. I guess time will tell.
  10. I was informed at my local SAIL that they have these boxes on order for all the stores in Ontario and they expect delivery by mid to late November. I was also interested in Clam shelter as well and the sales associate was able to get me the information I was looking for.
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