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  1. Having been in one of those 16 foot tinnies while a cruiser drives by, it doesn't take much to swamp them. I would assume that is what happened and it just set the guy off. Definitely should have been charged but it would have been great to hear his side of the story.
  2. A couple of my friends have the high contrast Rapala scale and love it.
  3. My opinion is that is a largemouth that has been in the shade for a bit. which is why the top of the fish is darker. I have pulled largies out that were totally black because of where they were living but after a few minutes in the livewell, the colours show up. The markings on the side seem to be to close to a largemouth for me to think otherwise. I have heard of mean mouth bass before but they seem to be more prevalent in the states. I do not ever recall hearing someone catching one up here. I think the reason is that spotted bass seem to mate with smallmouth more easily but that is just my own hypothesis.
  4. What are you trying to do with this and why get a graph if you do not currently have a boat? These are the first questions I would ask myself. Out of those two units, I would lean towards the Helix. But you do not need DI unless that is what you want. I would assume a Helx 5 sonar/GPS would be equivalent to the Striker 4 with a little larger, yet better laid out screen. As stated above, the bigger, the better. I had a Lowrance Elite 5 DSI years ago and it was a good unit for the price. I currently have Helix 10's and that extra screen size (almost double) makes a huge difference. The helix units are pretty easy to use as well. I have no experience with Garmin at all so can't help you out there.
  5. That looks like a fun time. LOL. Well... until you get stuck but that's part of the experience.
  6. If they're perko or southco latches, they aren't cheap at all. If they are lockable, they are even more. $70.00 honestly doesn't sound that far out of the ranges I have seen in the past. I am assuming these are stainless latches and not plastic ones.
  7. That does not look like fun at all!
  8. I use Dobyns rods quite a bit but have never used a Fury rod. I have 7 altogether from the champion line, to the crankbait series and the Dobyns Extremes. I really do like their rods. They do have a few swimbait rods that are listing in the Champion lineup that I know my friends use for heavy swimbaits for bass. If I were looking to buy a swimbait rod and wanted to spend that type of money, I would look at a Dobyns XP 806 swimbait rod. I am however not so sure I would sepnd that type of money on a swimbait rod as I do not use it as a main technique. I would more than likely look at one of the 13 fishing options. If you go back to the tackllewarehouse link posted above, you will see on the left hand sife there is a heading for "Technique specific" There is a swimbait option that lists a bunch of affordable swimbait options but also leaves out a bunch on that site. Just food for thought.
  9. I have to agree with Bill. A medium Heavy bait casting setup should be more than capable of throwing a weightless senko. The compre was my first higher end rod and I too, loved it for the time I had it.
  10. Because of your intended area of use, I would say a casting rod would be more inline with what I would use. A weightless senko still weighs enough to get decent distance from a cast and would be easier to control where your jigs ends up. Other than wacky rigging and drop shotting, all of my other techniques are done on a casting rod. Switching to a casting rod will also open up your options for rods and price point but the reel may end up being more expensive as I have found you do not want to skimp on a casting reel. Especially if it is your first one. If a casting combo appeals to you, I would recommend you look at the Shimano SLX rods and reels. Most places have specials on them right now where you get a discount for buying both at the same time. At least, I have seen this deal at the local shop and another in Belleville.
  11. If you don't mind ordering online, a Dobyns Sierra series SA704SF or SA 705SF would likely do the trick for you. Finding heavy powered bass rods that are designed for spinning reels is getting harder and harder. I have used a 704SF in the champion line but have not looked at their Sierra line before. It replaced the Savvy series which I did have one of and it was a good rod.
  12. That actually looks pretty sweet Steve.p
  13. bass pro has them but if I were to order new seats that weren't from the factory or have them custom made, I would be looking at bassboatseats.com . they've goit a few options.
  14. Just an FYI, My old fishing partner has lost two using those suction mounts. As stated, those taped mounts hold strong. That 3M adhesive is insane.
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