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  1. I have a 225HO G2 at the moment and havent had any issues with it. My honest opinion is every brand has a bad motor here and there. The ETEC has proven to be pretty good overall. Especially in that horsepower range. I would be more concerned with if you have a dealer close by to service it and if they have a good reputation. They will all break sooner or later. My advice would be to ask to see service and maintenance invoices for the motor to ensure it has been taken care of as well as to see if there were any major repairs. Secondly, bring it to a dealer and have them do the proper tests to ensure it is still in good condition and see if they can tell you how many hours are on it.
  2. Let's be honest though, a Pro V is nowhere near what people think of when they are discussing aluminum boats. It is a top tier multi species rig on the market that competes very well with the fiberglass options out there.
  3. First off, nice pick up! The 621 FS is a beautiful boat. My comparison is not in a multi species boat but I went from a Bass Tracker 190TX to a Ranger Z119C 2 seasons ago. My main reasoning was rough water capabilities. I have a cottage on St. Francis and never felt safe in the 190 TX? Some people say they pick their days but in the bass tracker on Franny, it was more like picking your hours. Going from glass calm to 3 footers in ten minutes is quite common. And I always seemed to be mid lake when the wind picked up... so 1, rough water ride between a glass bass boat with a pad vs a Mod V aluminum goes to the glass all day any day. 2. I had a 75 on the PT190. I got maybe 38MPH out of it so when that wind did start to pick up, it took a lot longer to get off. The Ranger does 70 plus (Ive had it to 70.9 and still learning) so speed plus better handling means I can go about 50 and stay on top of the waves where as I would get beat up doing 30 in the aluminum. 3. Now this may be different in your case but I got a lot more storagre in my Ranger than I ever had in my Tracker. Especially the back compartments. 4. Again, this may be different but the Ranger seems like a much more solid platform to fish out of. It is not as prone to wind moving it around and it is all around more stable while fishing.
  4. My honest opinion is when I read the words that got him fired, I scratched my head and thought that him getting fired was a little over the top. The reason? If you take his words for what he said, there really isn't anything malicious being said. The end result was him telling "you people" to buy poppies. But the more you look at it and take a critical thinking approach to those words, the easier it is to realize that yes, that phrase could very easily be racist or discriminatory. The end result is an 85 year old hockey analyst that should have retired long ago and is by and far behind the times when it comes to the current type of game played here has been fired. his tenure 0on coaches corner had to come to an end sooner or later and they will replace him and life will go on. On a secondary note, I saw another post saying that Coaches Corner is pre taped and played 3 times (once per each game played). And no one at Sportsnet thought "Maybe this is a little over the top and we should re tape this segment?"... So although he said it and is wearing the blame, there are multiple other people who let it go by that could have stopped this from being an issue in the first place. I rarely watch Hockey anymore so don't really care one way or another.
  5. I have a BPS 100MPH jacket and my buddy has cabelas guideware. Both are more affordable than the Simms and keep us dry. But the Simms seems to be a bit more flexible. I recently bought a Gore-Tex ski jacket at Sail for $275 (Spyder) that is lightly insulated and it has worked great on my last two outings as well.
  6. First off, There really isn't anything wrong with a Legend or a Tracker but you need to understand that they are entry level boats. Their fit and finish, components used and the motors they put on the package boats leave a lot to be desired. Once you adequately power the boat with the proper HP, you are not that far off in price from the better alternatives in there. It has been said before and I will echo it. Lund, Princecraft, Crestline or Alumacraft all make excellent boats. I am not sure about Alumacraft (because I have never really paid attention to them for sale on the used market) but the other 3 for sure hold their value.
  7. My opinion is this is not as big of an issue as people have made it out to be. But, it is invasive so is taking a food source from a native species. They have been in St-Francis for year and we have not seen a large decline in anything really. The one thing they do hinder though is the amount of fry that survive. If any type of fish is taken off a bed, the gobies will eat the eggs or the fry they are protecting. After that, they are pretty much a food source for other species.
  8. I have an Evinrude so use their products. Last tank of the season, I throw ion their 4+2 and let her run to work up into the engine. I do not believe in letting anything run dry.
  9. If you feel like dropping a good chunk of money, check out the Shimano Exsence MHG. I just bought the 3000 size and have been blown away with how smooth it is. There are better reels than the stradic. They just cost a lot more but man do I love this reel.
  10. Alright, I think you have a good handle on what is being said here but I guess I will reiterate. 1. Give Paddletales in Winchester a call and see if he has any FK's left in the 2500 size. He will ship if you ask. I know he did the last time I was there but he has them on sale as a new model is coming out. So now would be a perfect time to buy a new FK. I would also not even attempt to fish pike with a 1000 size reel but I do not jig. I am usually casting. For dropshotting, it might work alreat but I prefer 2500-3000 sized reels. 2. If you are worried abut weight, look into the CI4+ stradic instead of the FK. Even used. You can always send it to shimano and they will replace any worn our parts and service it for around $30. 3. I will not touch a quantum reel. I have a Pflueger President and would be willing to bet you would not find it any better than what you currently have. Good reel for the price, but better options out there for a bit more money, My dad has a magnesium supreme and it has been a great reel for him. 4. in your price range, the BG and other Daiwa reel that Smitty recommended are actually great options. I never fished the BG but man was I impressed with it at the store (I tell people this type of information to make it know I have not used the reel.). It felt great! I just don't know how long that would last. And the tournament SS has been around forever for a reason. 5. I am a Shimano guy so I would lean towards a Nasci if you absolutely do not want to spend more than $150. IMO, You will never regret buying a stradic though. No matter which model.
  11. That's a tough question because I haven't fished many out towards Toronto. In my area, the easiest response would be the rideau river between Manotick and Burritts Rapids. The reason for this is that the river itself is not very wide. At most, the widest portion may be a bit more than half a kilometre wide. But because it is the longest stretch between locks, it gets a lot of boat traffic as well as people tubing, water skiing and wakeboarding in the channel. Around the beach, it can get really jammed up, really quick.
  12. I will say that Legend boats have come along way in the last 20 years. If there is one thing that I have never heard someone complain about regarding their legend, it is the hull. It is everything else they complain about. Fit and finish, quality of carpet, being underpowered. A 115 would move that boat along quite well but your buddy will probably regret not getting one with a 150 it is rated for. And that is always peoples biggest gripe. These are price point boats. They always have been and they have sold a ton of them doing it. Stick the absolute smallest motor on it to keep the costs down and try and sell as many as I could. Now, if he is paying $40,000 with the 115 4s, it is a good discount but not something that I would be jumping all over. You could probably get into a Lund Impact that is leftover setup the same way for the same price. I would also look at a Crestliner or a princecraft as well. You have to remember, this is a price point boat just like the Trackers ( I had one before anyone jumps on me). They are there for entry level customers who want a boat but cannot justify the costs of setting one up properly. If you are going to set either of these boats (legend or Tracker), your price is going to be relatively the same as buying a premium brand boat.
  13. You can still get Dobyns ion Canada. you do not say where you are from but Pro J in Toronto still carries them and I think Pro Advantage in Belleville may as well. As for weight, you aren't throwing a bunch of weight here so 3/4 would probably be more than enough. The 702 is rated up to half ounce and I have never had any issues. I think Fast would also be more than adequate for the presentation.
  14. I have used a Dobyns Champion 702SF spinning rod for at least 5 years and absolutely love it. Its a little pricey and is a medium light rod (acts more like a medium as it has a pile of backbone for such a light rod)
  15. I do not fish senkos often but do have a few packs in the boat. They work great for texas rigged but I fish a worm wacky rigged 90% of the time. For that, I prefer the powerteam lures sick stick. It is a little softer and doesn't break as easily. The are designed to be neutrally buoyant so they really need a weighted head to got the most out of them.
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