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  1. I think you’ve got a handle on this already but here is my experience. went from a 24p raker HO to a 24p Raker RX4. Obviously not a merc but this is what I found. The RX4 has been a great prop for me. It lowered my RPM by about 200 (still raising the motor slowly to get its optimal performance), hole shot is faster and smoother, handling in turns is improved and no slip whatsoever. I haven’t lost any top speed but I think that has more to do with me not getting everything out of the 3 blade than it has to do with anything else. Plus, I’ve raised the motor by about 1” so far and still plan on going higher
  2. I went to a the closed door seminars a couple of years ago. They were not held in the same part of the building as the exhibition. I recall the tickets saying something on them to the fact that they got us into the closed door sessions but cannot recall what. There is the exhibition hall and then like a stage area for plays and such. The sessions were in the stage area.
  3. I too ave felt the affects before but this year is a bit different. The entire family has taken up skiing which is something I used to do when I was younger and now I am wondering why ever stopped.
  4. The beauty of fishing is that no matter the type of boat, we all share the same passion. Plus... it doesn’t matter how you get out, as long as you get there. this is my current rig. 2016 Ranger Z119c with 225HO G2. my last rig. 2006 Bass Tracker 190TX with a 75 merc fourstroke.
  5. Friend of mine had a Mercury Mystique (same car) and they had 3 transmissions put in it under warranty. They were not too happy with theirs either.
  6. Friend recently bought Baffin boots and they will definitely keep you warm. I do not ice fish but my wife just bought me a pair of $100 heated socks and they work well for skiing. She bought them off amazon and so far, I have been impressed. The cheaper ones seem to not last long (like, they only heat up once or twice before dying) and these are thick enough as is. There are more expensive options but so far, I do have not found a reason to go with them.
  7. 2008 malibu. Thing ran great but the door latches would freeze up and you would either get stuck in the car or have to close the door 15 times before it latched... 2013 Chevy Equinox, Motor was burning oil at 130,000K. To the point where it was fixed under warranty. They had an issue with the type of piston rings that were used being too soft and they would prematurely wear allowing more oil than normal to get passed the rings. They fixed that and then my Cats were all clogged up by 170,000. The stupinf ecotech motors have two cats on them so to fix with OEM parts was going to be $4,000. I said screw it and drove it like that for another year before more things piled up. In the end, traded it in for a 2018 Cadillac ATS 2.0T and so far have had very minor issue. But... these 2.0T's are known for popping Cylinder number one so only time will tell. Absolutely a blast to drive though! 2004 F150 had no cab corners or rockers by the time I replaced it in 2013 but other than the dreaded spark plugs in that motor, didn't have many problems. and my 2013 Sierra I bought new has not given me a single problem. Mind you, she hasn't hit 70,000K yet so we will see. Plan is to give it to my son on his 16th birthday in 2.5 years so I'll be getting something different next time around.
  8. I purchased a Mustang Elite 28 this year and absolutely love it. The reason I went this route was because of the design. Although it is quite pricey, the 3d is super comfortable to wear and stays close to your body. I wanted to be able to wear it all day in the fall and it has a pretty small profile.
  9. Congrats ont he purchase. From what I understand of the paperwork, looks like a pretty decent purchase. An impeller is very little cost and it doesn't look like there were any high temp codes popped so it isn't like it needed a new one. Now that you have it though, may as well change it out for piece of mind.
  10. I have a 225HO G2 at the moment and havent had any issues with it. My honest opinion is every brand has a bad motor here and there. The ETEC has proven to be pretty good overall. Especially in that horsepower range. I would be more concerned with if you have a dealer close by to service it and if they have a good reputation. They will all break sooner or later. My advice would be to ask to see service and maintenance invoices for the motor to ensure it has been taken care of as well as to see if there were any major repairs. Secondly, bring it to a dealer and have them do the proper tests to ensure it is still in good condition and see if they can tell you how many hours are on it.
  11. Let's be honest though, a Pro V is nowhere near what people think of when they are discussing aluminum boats. It is a top tier multi species rig on the market that competes very well with the fiberglass options out there.
  12. First off, nice pick up! The 621 FS is a beautiful boat. My comparison is not in a multi species boat but I went from a Bass Tracker 190TX to a Ranger Z119C 2 seasons ago. My main reasoning was rough water capabilities. I have a cottage on St. Francis and never felt safe in the 190 TX? Some people say they pick their days but in the bass tracker on Franny, it was more like picking your hours. Going from glass calm to 3 footers in ten minutes is quite common. And I always seemed to be mid lake when the wind picked up... so 1, rough water ride between a glass bass boat with a pad vs a Mod V aluminum goes to the glass all day any day. 2. I had a 75 on the PT190. I got maybe 38MPH out of it so when that wind did start to pick up, it took a lot longer to get off. The Ranger does 70 plus (Ive had it to 70.9 and still learning) so speed plus better handling means I can go about 50 and stay on top of the waves where as I would get beat up doing 30 in the aluminum. 3. Now this may be different in your case but I got a lot more storagre in my Ranger than I ever had in my Tracker. Especially the back compartments. 4. Again, this may be different but the Ranger seems like a much more solid platform to fish out of. It is not as prone to wind moving it around and it is all around more stable while fishing.
  13. My honest opinion is when I read the words that got him fired, I scratched my head and thought that him getting fired was a little over the top. The reason? If you take his words for what he said, there really isn't anything malicious being said. The end result was him telling "you people" to buy poppies. But the more you look at it and take a critical thinking approach to those words, the easier it is to realize that yes, that phrase could very easily be racist or discriminatory. The end result is an 85 year old hockey analyst that should have retired long ago and is by and far behind the times when it comes to the current type of game played here has been fired. his tenure 0on coaches corner had to come to an end sooner or later and they will replace him and life will go on. On a secondary note, I saw another post saying that Coaches Corner is pre taped and played 3 times (once per each game played). And no one at Sportsnet thought "Maybe this is a little over the top and we should re tape this segment?"... So although he said it and is wearing the blame, there are multiple other people who let it go by that could have stopped this from being an issue in the first place. I rarely watch Hockey anymore so don't really care one way or another.
  14. I have a BPS 100MPH jacket and my buddy has cabelas guideware. Both are more affordable than the Simms and keep us dry. But the Simms seems to be a bit more flexible. I recently bought a Gore-Tex ski jacket at Sail for $275 (Spyder) that is lightly insulated and it has worked great on my last two outings as well.
  15. First off, There really isn't anything wrong with a Legend or a Tracker but you need to understand that they are entry level boats. Their fit and finish, components used and the motors they put on the package boats leave a lot to be desired. Once you adequately power the boat with the proper HP, you are not that far off in price from the better alternatives in there. It has been said before and I will echo it. Lund, Princecraft, Crestline or Alumacraft all make excellent boats. I am not sure about Alumacraft (because I have never really paid attention to them for sale on the used market) but the other 3 for sure hold their value.
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