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  1. I was thinking of getting a spot in a trailer park for next season. I was wondering if there are any parks that people are really happy with. I like Buckhorn lake. I’ve seen six foot bay park and it looks nice I would like to check out a couple more if anyone has any recommendations. Good boat docking is important and covered slips would be great if any of them offer that. Thx
  2. I used to fish off of Bronte pier and I used to fish the river up through the provincial park . I only ever fished after the salmon were done and steelhead started later in the fall. I don’t go anymore partly because of the mess left by all the clowns from the salmon gong show and the banks littered with decaying salmon it’s just not enjoyable being on the river. It amazes me how people can take part in an outdoor activity with no regard for the outdoors. One fall I spent the day with other steel headers cleaning the banks of the river and hauling out all the trash left behind but it is a losing battle. So now I honestly don’t have a problem with the ban on the pier and I would extend it up the river through the park as well. I would be happy if they gassed the whole salmon program and put the money into trout.
  3. Black perch believer has been my favourite colour. I don’t see them very often so I grabbed a spare a while back.
  4. Spinnerbaits and Believers have been my most productive lures in the Kawarthas. I think a big part of it is they both are fairly weedless.
  5. Nice fish. Were you trolling spinnerbaits?
  6. It would be nice to get them out of Burlington Bay. The smell from the nesting islands is horrible. I’m willing to bet any of the people who want to protect them don’t live in the immediate vicinity.
  7. Well I guess I’ve been lucky. I’m on my third fishing boat over the last 20 years or so. I’ve never had starting issues or longevity complaints. I don’t use my live wells as I only fish musky and bass. A normal fishing day has hours of trolling between 4 and 5 mph maybe that is enough to keep the starting battery charged up? I have no idea really .
  8. I’ve always used a nautilus smart charger from Canadian tire. Think it was 75 bucks on sale. Works fine no install. Charges the battery fully. I would have a hard time spending 400 on a battery charger. Do you need a 2 bank? Isn’t 1 battery being charged by the outboard? I only ever need to charge the trolling motor battery at the end of the day?
  9. I have have had 2 similar sized boats with 55 lb thrust and the way I fish they were fine. Musky trolling with the 50 hp is half the day and using the electric when casting the other half. I like the simplicity and weight of the 1 battery. I never ran out of power and I would always top it up at the end of the day. They were both minkota powerdrive. My new to me old boat has an 80lb terrova which has more power but I hate the cable steer foot pedal as it sits up really high. I also added a 9 inch Lowrance elite with gps side and down scan but really a basic one would have been fine. Think maybe I’m too dumb to take advantage of it. I fish so infrequently I have to figure it out every time I use it lol! Plus I don’t like looking at a screen all day when fishing. Enjoy your new boat I have a new Yamaha 50 on mine and it is a great motor. Nice and quiet trolls well and sips fuel.
  10. I would have thought 15 pitch on a 40hp would be much too high also. I once had a Lund explorer with a 50hp mariner that came with a 14 pitch and I could only get about 5000 rpm. I dropped to a 12 pitch and it was perfect. But mine was a 4 stroke . With that boat I didn’t lose any top end speed it just got there much quicker.
  11. A lot of tiller guys like 4 blade. They supposedly work well with stern heavy boats. I have a fibreglass ranger tiller with a 50 Yamaha running a 12 pitch 3 blade which works well it gives me 32 mph at 5800 rpm. I am going to try the same prop in a 4 blade 11 pitch to see how I like it. With me at 200 lbs plus 3 batteries and the fuel tank in the back I think the 4 blade might be nice. They recommend dropping in pitch when going to 4 blade to maintain your same rpm. Plus I like tinkering with stuff lol!
  12. For Sale - Two custom made mounts for Lund SportTrak. For use with Down East Salty rod holders. Used on Lund Rebel, fits some other Lund models as well. Sold only as a pair for $100.00.
  13. Yeah I was just wondering what’s going on? What caused the walleye collapse? And I wonder if they have researched the musky fishery? I couldn’t find any info poking around online.
  14. Just wondering about the health of the population. I feel my success has decreased over the years. Has anybody else noticed the same?
  15. I like both. But when I am playing poorly I always say I should have gone fishing?
  16. Hey awesome video! What are you using for your travel rod?
  17. Doesn’t say anything about mileage under terms and conditions? So many scams these days. Seems odd that manufacturers would allow this to tarnish the brand and the dealerships.
  18. Well now I really want to go back! I’ve caught quite a few snook but never a tarpon. That’s the first all inclusive I’ve been to with such easy access to a spot where you could hook a good size fish. Anyone know of any other places with similar opportunities? I like the shore fishing and can’t afford guided flats trips after coming up with the money for the vacation.
  19. I was fishing in the daytime never tried it at night. Thought I could see the line down the side of them and one of the guys who worked there said they were snook. Either way I would like to go back and try again I’d love to catch either one!
  20. I think I remember being offered something similar last year when we bought our Kia Sorento. Maybe all the dealers offer similar programs ?
  21. My policy is never buy extended warranty for anything and so far it has served me well. When I buy a new vehicle as soon as I sit down I tell them no service plans no extended warranty no rust protection fabric protection paint protection blah blah blah. They always look at me like they can’t believe it and I am the first person ever to not buy all that crap lol!
  22. We went there last winter stayed at the Rex halcyon cove. Under the pier that the restaurant is built on holds lots of snook. It is lit up at night and you can see them. Like a dummy I broke my rod on the second day there on a snag so I never landed any but I had some hits on small rapala type lures. Stand waist deep and cast in around the pilings. Restaraunt is called Wari pier.
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