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  1. Wrap the gunnels and any other contact areas in plastic wrap before putting the cover on. Doing a trip that long even with a factory cover may result in gel rub spots, the wrap will prevent that.
  2. I found several surveyors that would do my 20' for $200. Might sway you if your still on the fence getting coverage
  3. moxie

    Hey there Hirk. Any knowledge on the condition of the Yami? And bottom line $$$ for it. Thnx.

    1. hirk


      Sorry I just saw this message, the pkg was sold a few weeks ago

  4. Reminder the boat drags are this weekend. To those suggesting its a poor venue the races have been held there in the past and attracted close to 10,000 spectators once according to the Peterborough examiner. The fountain will be shut off during the races for the crowds viewing pleasure
  5. Sept. 16 & 17 at little lake. Featuring 3 classes of heads up 800' drags and multi boat circle racing. Starts at 10:00am both days and no admission fee.
  6. I have a Pro 7, very impressed with the imaging
  7. A good plan would be to take the safety course which will allow you to get your m1 and see how you like it and if your capable all without having to buy a bike or get insurance. If you buy one check insurance premiums on that model before buying it. I started riding last summer with 3 yrs previous experience but had not rode since I was 40 and am 57 now and love it, run to work and all over on it. You risk your like waking up, everything in degrees but if you dress for a fall you are much more likely to walk away.
  8. ^^^^^ is this 3 wheeler near Gliddon in Oshawa?
  9. A bonus of the sho is you can hydro tec the 200 to 350hp with no loss in reliability. The pantera is a nice boat Ernie you cant go wrong either way. Is it the classic?
  10. Wow nice upgrade either way!! Did you talk to aim marine in Ottawa about a basscat? Might be close to impossible but a test ride in each might help you decide
  11. Owner makes a good one, you could get through your local shop if you dont find any at the show
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