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Last cast before ice up?


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Hi all,
Went down to my favourite shore fishing spot only to find it was unexpectedly frozen up. Fortunately there was some open water a bit further up the shore with access, turned out to be a fun hour, lots of bites and I didn’t fall off the cliff. Not long now before the ice is safe enough to walk on.




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 Reminds me of a time when I was just a wee lad, of course opening day of fishing season in May being my favorite day of the year I was up a little before daylight and walked down the hill and out onto Oxenden dock. I couldn't believe my luck, the bay was like a sheet of glass, just the way I like it. Snapped an EGB on my swivel took a cast and my lure skimmed along the surface. Huh, it was frozen over. So I headed down to the mouth of the creek and done very well with some big Rainbow. Here's another part of the story I must share. A little later in the morning the ice thawed and there was an elderly couple in their boat trolling off the mouth of the creek and hooked into a about a 12lb Rainbow. I didn't think they would ever land it. They beached their boat and either with my help, or getting in the way we finally managed to get it in. The husband was dressing the Rainbow and found a quarter, a 25 cent piece in it's stomach which he gave me. I carried that quarter in my pocket every time I went fishing for a good many years and eventually lost it. Happy Days. 

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