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Garmin Livescope Plus install on LUND 1625 FURY XL


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Looking for some advice on installing Garmin Livescope Plus on my LUND 1625 FURY XL boat...

I am purchasing a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor with iPilot and was thinking about mounting the Livescope transducer on the MInn Kota, but the perspective mount can't be installed on the shaft as the shaft needs to move to go into the "stow" position. I could do a barrel mount for down and forward views, but my concern is if I use the Terrova with Spot Lock, the Livescope transducer would be moving with the motor keeping the boat in the Spot Lock position. To me, that wouldn't work for viewing Livescope.

My other option is to use a pole to mount the transducer to.

Pole kits that I have researched are pretty expensive.

I have seen some plans for DIY pole kits, which may be the way I go...if I do, I am looking at deployment options, I have seen using RAM mounts for the pole and mounting the Livescope transducer at 0 degree angle. It would be nice to utilize the LUND track system for the pole mounting...

Looking for opinions, ideas...




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Do a diy pole if you are concerned about costs. I made one for ice fishing for under $50.

mount it with a long arm ram mount. Easily the most cost effective way to do it.

i personally hate using the pole because it requires moving the deucer  with your hands while you are trying to fish, but I run a force trolling motor so the steering is extremely responsive to be able to dial in on the fish with my foot while I’m handling the fishing with my hands.

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