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Honey harbour/severn launches?

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Hey guys, 


ive got a tournament out of honey harbour coming up and was planning on doing some scouting next week. Does anyone have any recommended launches/parking either in honey harbour itself or near severn? Let me know! Thanks

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Haven't been there in many years but I used to use the town launch right in Honey Harbour.

Just looked on Google Earth and I don't even recognize the place anymore.

Can't even figure out where the town dock/launch is. There's marinas everywhere. Life was better before all this development.  :blink:

Looks like it's still there Honey Harbour Park Landing is the name of the place.

Lots and lots of Marinas with launches too.

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11 minutes ago, irishfield said:

All I know for sure is the launch across the the beer store/school is gone..


That's the one I used to use. Looks like it's still there on the map.


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Yup the place is completely developed out the ying yang now. I don’t believe there is a public launch/parking anymore.

hence the ask. Some marinas are also stupid with their launching prices. I expect to pay $20 even $30 but I’ve seen ridiculous crap like $50+ which I’m just not willing to pay to launch and park for a day

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Public ramp is still there, been closed for a looong time.   Launch at Village.   $20, with the high water the ramp is basically gone however, bring your rubber boots.

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