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Looking to buy 60 or 70 hp Johnson/Evinrude


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I hope I can post here, I got a 404 message trying to read the rules;

I recently acquired a motor that ended up having a blown exhaust manifold gasket. Water intrusion throughout the motor. 

 Looking for a complete motor, running or not or a parts motor. 1986 to late 90’s models preferred. 

 If you have something up for grabs, please shoot me a message with your approximate location and asking price . 

I’m fine if it does not have power tilt and trim.  


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On 6/11/2020 at 1:33 PM, grimsbylander said:

When you do find a used one online, it'll be very pricey too. With the current economy, I'd at least have a conversation with a dealer and be aggressive.

Thanks, I can’t get into 13k + tax on a new motor and controls. Not in these uncertain times. Etec is off the table too. Might be cheapest option but they blow up. The wife’s car needs replacing in the next few years. I can’t have payments on payments.

But as it stands, I’ve since dragged home a few motors. The first came on a boat that I’ve since flipped but I ended up picking up another, newer motor in better shape. 

I’ll be bringing up the older one to good shape this winter and move out the slower one in the spring. 

Because of the junk motors I ended up with earlier this season, I’m now looking for parts motors to play Franken-Johnny-rude with over the winter..1975-1999 60/70hp



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