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OK folks, I have been making sausages at home for years, and sometimes I get a bit over-enthusiastic buying supplies.  (Especially if I am strolling through a Canadian Tire or Princess Auto and see sausage making kits for pepperoni and that kind of thing.)  Here is a whole bunch of stuff that I have and that I will not be using, sold as a lot only.  All packages are unopened unless noted otherwise.


SMOKE-A-JOE Beef jerky seasoning (no MSG) for 20 lb of meat

SMOKEHOUSE All-Purpose Brine Mix for 15 lb of meat/fish for smoke cures

ORIGINAL WILD WEST sausage making kit for Pepperoni (cure, seasonings and 23 mm collagen casings) for 20 lb of meat.  These casings produce “pepperette” diameter pepperoni sausages.

HI MOUNTAIN “Snackin’ Sticks” kit to make 10 lb of pepperettes (cure, seasonings, and smokable collagen casings).  “Snackin’ Sticks” are like pepperettes.  (Note: the original package contained enough ingredients for 20 lb, and I used one package of cure, one package of seasonings and about one third of the casings.)

HI MOUNTAIN “Home Sausage Making Kit” for Polish Sausage.  Ingredients (cure, seasonings, natural hog casings) for 15 lb of meat.  (Note:  the original package included enough ingredients for 30 lb, and I used one package of cure and one package of seasonings.  I used different (2” diameter) smokable casings for a fabulous batch of Smoked Elk Polish Sausage, so there are double the amount of casings still here)

Two packages (454 grams each) of Dextrose, one package (454 grams) of Prague Powder (cure), and one package of natural hog casings (same as with the Polish Sausage kit)

I have a picture but forget how to upload them here........

There is close to a hundred bucks worth of goodies here, take it all for $50 plus postage.



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