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Ice Fishing Boq


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Hi Everyone,


I have been getting some emails asking about the ice fishing on the BOQ. I will be pleased to inform all those interested when the ice is on the Bay and what areas the fish are in etc. when it happens. Right now one of my employees and I seem to have to fight to see who gets what days off to go fishing...LOL....he forgets I sign his pay cheques :D


I sound tough but he is really a great guy and very knowledgeable of the Bay, his name is Glen Hales and he is also the photographer for Canadian Fly Fisher magazine


Canadian Fly Fisher


Glen will be doing some guiding during the hard water season.


I also have a deal with Rob Coolahan from Hooked on Outdoors where he has packages with accomodations at the Ramada Inn.


Hooked on Outdoors


When things begin we will post with pics as proof and maybe we can get a g2g happening this winter on hard water as well. Feel free to send me a PM and I will be pleased to answer and help you out.


Best regards,


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Ice fishing at BOQ was my fave through the 90's. :)

The fishing took a bit of a dive around 2001,

I've gone once a year since then.

Still caught fish however. Emerald shiners on jigging raps or Swedish Pimples were the key.

Here is a coupla fish from around 2000 at Long Reach.(scanned)






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Thanks Sam looking forward to the hard water season.Maybe we can hook up and do some icefishing this season.Dan

Dan, it was great to see you and your brother this past weekend and we will definitely get out together and do some ice fishing.

DT10Sam, do you own Carrar Outdoors?

Hi Entropy, Yes I do own Carra Outdoor Sports.

Sam, your an asset to OFC ;)

Thanks Lew, I just emailed Squid and mentioned that I am looking forward to when you come up in May and I will sneak away to visit with yous.




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Sam, I think you have got something here.


If you feel you need some organizational refreshment in your life, I'd be happy to come out for an OFC G2G and fish the Bay with you.


Looking forward to it, hopefully it happens ;)




Hi Tony,


First of all say Hi to Amanda and secondly we will do what we can to get a hard water g2g happening. I will stay on top of the fishing and let everyone know. As soon as I see things developing I will post all of the results and news.


Best regards,


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