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  1. when did you take the picture of me and my buddy?
  2. check it out, not just your typical southern Ontario crowd
  3. Anybody now what’s going on in Muskoka? I just got a call from a friend telling me that all the snowmobile trails are closed due to a land dispute. Anybody know anything? I was planning to go out on the holiday Monday
  4. maybe this will help http://www.accessconnect.com/trailer_wiring_diagram.htm
  5. Not enough amps to smoke the wires, unless you fried the socket and it is shorting out the who mess.
  6. Usually no fuse on the trailer, how many lights are on it? Markers and tail lights And are you sure the other trucks trailer plug is in working order? I think you gave it a direct short to ground and all the bulbs might have blown I know this is a little late but it’s usually a good idea to have the truck shut off when hooking up your trailer or working on it. Good luck
  7. Well everywhere I go, I learn something. And I do have trouble with knots, Knot tying them, undoing them!
  8. Not sure, I just started a new job on Tuesday and am very busy, I would love to spend the day just sitting there!
  9. How long has he been with you? I would give him written notice advising him that his working hours are going to be changed. Reducing his hours accordingly, thus also reducing his compensation, see if this fits with his positive rational about company hours? And how positive he is about his commitment to his job “put it back in his lap” That way when he loses his job, it’s HIS fault. “Just my two cents”
  10. If the power goes’ out, the last thing I want is the phone to ring
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